Keep bugs away at camp

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Do you despise bugs? Do they show up when you least expect them? Many of you know we have a seasonal camp spot at a lake during the summer and it’s our sanctuary. Our place to rest and relax. Our place to be happy and have fun. I am always looking for solutions to keep bugs away at camp. It’s not a pretty site when I grab my first cup of coffee in the morning and I see an ant run across the counter or I open the cabinet door and see ants feasting on a crumb that didn’t make the trash can. I know, camping includes bugs but not my version of camping. Sorry, but the bugs need to be at a minimum especially inside the camper. Some of you know that we recently upgraded our smaller camper to a park model home that is a little bigger so these pesky creatures are definitely not welcome in our new home. We have kitchen pipes and bathroom pipes that run throughout and there are small holes in the cabinets where the pipes run. Of course, ants find those holes and before you know it, you have unwanted guests. I was recently contacted by the Hot Shot® brand to see if we would like to try out their Hot Shot® Ant & Roach Plus Germ Killer2. Of course, I said yes!

I decided to try out their unscented spray (it also comes in a scented as well) and spray the pipe areas under our kitchen sink where the ants were entering.

Keep bugs away at camp

Managing bugs is more about prevention in my opinion. I mean, I realize that the spray isn’t going to completely eliminate the bugs but it will help keep them at a distance and to a minimum. A few of the things that I love about this product are it kills on contact and also reduces 99.9% of germs* insects may leave behind. *Be sure to read the can for full details.

I don’t know about you but that is a bonus! Be sure to always read the product label and instructions before use.

Keep bugs away at camp

My dad had a great suggestion, simply spray areas that are open in the cabinet (pipe areas especially) even if you do not have bugs. This will help keep them to a minimum. This spray works for up to 12 weeks on non-porous surfaces; excluding oriental cockroaches. The fact that I don’t need to be on bug duty that often, is kind of nice.

I personally think a can of Hot Shot® Insecticide will last me years as it’s huge.  My mom also tried the scented version in her camper and said the smell was light and not heavy at all. She really liked it! A few other bugs that this spray works to eliminate are cockroaches, ants, carpenter ants, crickets, firebrats, fleas, silverfish and spiders. Trust me, we have a lot of these living in the woods during the summer in a camper so I am thrilled that this is kind of an “all-in-one” kind of spray as it relates to these particular bugs. It’s so nice to spray and forget about these creatures for a few months.

Keep bugs away at camp

Don’t laugh but my husband (he is going to freak when he reads this) is afraid of bugs. -ha. I know, camping and afraid of bugs…..they don’t exactly go together. I’m not afraid of them, I just don’t like them. Who does? Needless to say, between the kids and my husband, I am the rockstar when it comes to dealing with bugs of any sort. We are keeping a can of this spray under our kitchen sink and using it whenever necessary. Thank you to the Hot Shot® brand for sponsoring today’s post. All opinions and words are 100% my own. Be sure to also check out Hot Shot® Insecticides to learn more about their products and solutions.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hot Shot® Insecticides.


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  1. Wow your place at the camp looks like so much fun and I love the idea of keep the bugs away by spraying and then forgetting about it for weeks. I will try the scented version.

  2. Hi! I enjoy your blog, especially the multi generational aspect as well as the lovely design tips. This summer we lived in our RV while remodeling our home in the mountains so I am familiar with bugs too unfortunately. We have pets and grandchildren and I always prefer to go the non poison route if possible. Eventually it affects the birds eating the bugs etc, . I have long used diatomaceous earth for bug control with great success. I get food grade online, it’s a fine white powder. Pet food manufacturers actually use it to keep away bugs. Thought I would share for anyone wanting an alternative product.

  3. I also live in a “tiny pre-fab house”….try using puffy foam insulation where ever the pipes enter the house. Seal up all those access points, spray and enjoy. Also consider a perimeter bug spray….did I mention I hate bugs too!

  4. Great tips! Always looking for ways to get rid of bugs!

  5. YES to this. We have bugs everywhere. Even with exterminator treatments, we still need those spot treatments. Welcome to the south!

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