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Kid friendly fall decorating ideas

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Fall is the perfect time to decorate your home inside and out. My son loves to help decorate but I will admit, I occasionally get caught up in the perfection of decorating. The last couple of years, I have tried to incorporate fun kid friendly fall decorations that will blend with the chic sophisticated decor that we have collected over the years. The two styles should be able to coexist together right? Well, I think so and I thought you might enjoy some of these fun kid friendly fall and Halloween crafts that all ages will enjoy.

Kid friendly fall decorating ideas

Last year my son and I made this Halloween wreath. We used an old laundry basket cover and purchased some inexpensive Halloween themed fleece to make a flower. You can see how we made this wreath here.

Kid friendly halloween wreath from a clothes basket cover

This little family of gourds is one of my favorites.  How fun to make a gourd family!

kid friendly fall decorating Ghord family

Martha Stewart

kid friendly fall and halloween decorating

Disney Family Fun

plaid painted pumpkins

BHG plaid painted pumpkins

This is a fabulous idea for making an autumn tree.

Kid friendly fall decorating ideas autumn tree handprint

 Walking by the Way 

How adorable is this. Walnut shells as a boat with some leaves and twigs. My son will love this project :).

kid friendly fall decorating nutty boats

Disney Family Fun

Caterpillar painted pumpkins, so adorable.

painted pumpkins

BHG Caterpillar painted pumpkins

BHG has a great template on their site for this painted patchwork pumpkin. Click on the BHG link under the picture if you are interested in downloading the template.

painted patch work pumpkin

BHG painted patchwork pumpkin

 My dad and son have a spot outside where the bird condominiums have taken over. They made a few bird feeders over the summer and my dad fastened them to one of the sheds outside. This little guy from Martha Stewart would fit right in!

Kid friendly fall decorating ideas pumpkin bird feader

Martha Stewart

I think the bird feeder and nutty boats will be first on my son’s list while the painted pumpkins will be my first choice. How about you, do you incorporate kid friendly fall decorating into your home? For more pumpkin decorating ideas, check out our painted pumpkins tutorial.

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  1. I love fall decor – we go a little crazy with the decorations at our store, but I can’t help it. Autumn decor is so much fun! You and your son are both very talented – I love the wreath! 🙂

  2. I love these! I made a wreath the other day, but I have resisted buying pumpkins. I’ll definitely be getting some by the end of the month though! I can’t hold out any longer!

  3. For years I have been decorating in a more elegant way, but now with grandchildren I put some child friendly ideas also. Thanks for some good ideas!

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