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How to decorate Easter eggs {Easter Tree}

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How to decorate Easter eggs is the theme of today’s post, DIY Pottery Barn speckled eggs to be exact. This weekend was spent digging out Easter and spring decorations as well as tackling a few DIY Easter decorating projects. I love the speckled eggs at Pottery Barn but not for $14.50! I created my own speckled eggs (12 of them) for under $3.00.

how to decorate easter eggs

Items needed:

Paper Mache eggs (craft store)

Empty egg carton

Acrylic paint (I used butter milk color as the base & chocolate brown for the speckles)

Foam  or craft brush

Toothbrush (to make speckles)

“Clearcote Hi-Shine Glaze” (made by Plaid, purchased in Michael’s Crafts in the spray paint section)

how to make pottery barn speckled eggs tutorial collage

I started by applying a coat of the acrylic butter milk color paint to the paper mache eggs. You can use any kind of paint but acrylic dries really fast which is what I wanted. I did half the Easter egg and placed the egg in the carton to dry. Once they were dry (about 10 minutes) I painted the other half. I applied two coats of the butter milk paint color to each Easter egg.

Once they were all dry (total drying time about 20 minutes), I dipped the tooth brush (any type of bristled accessory will work) in the chocolate brown acrylic paint and used my thumb to splatter/speckle the paint on the eggs. I messed up the first few eggs as getting the “speckle” method down was not easy. Use a large stiff brushed tooth brush. I started with a smaller soft bristled brush and that didn’t work so well. Once you do a couple eggs, you get the hang of it.

How to decorate easter eggs with acrylic paint

Once they eggs were dry, I sprayed a light coat of the “Clearcote Hi-Shine Glaze” to brighten up the Easter eggs and give them a little bling. I hot glued a piece of ribbon on a couple and tied them to a faux flower branch to make an Easter Tree. I think the Easter tree is kind of cute!

DIY Pottery Barn speckled eggs

how to make an easter egg tree

I will show you the rest of the tree when I post our spring mantel reveal. This project took under an hour and cost under $3.00. You don’t need to buy the glaze unless of course you want to add a little gloss to your Easter eggs. There are so many ways to decorate Easter eggs. How about you, do you have any fun Easter egg or Easter tree decorating ideas? Be sure to check out our spring decorating with mason jars as well as spring DIY wall art for more ideas on decorating your home for Spring and Easter.

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  1. Ryoma Sakamoto.Japan says:

    It is a very nice idea.
    Cheers to the Easter Egg!

  2. Fun idea!! I love that its so inexpensive yet so beautiful!

  3. oh I LOVE how these turned out!! Might see if I can get my girls to help me make some this year!

    1. Yes, it’s a great project for little helpers!!! I wished my step daughters were here when I did them, they would have loved to help 🙂

  4. Jessica,

    What a cute idea! I am all about anything Easter right now! I totally need to make this for my home! I’m Facebooking this. 🙂

    Happy day to you awesome friend!


    PS Pinned it too!

  5. Awesome! I’m totally trying this egg craft on Saturday! Fingers crossed it comes out half as well as yours did.

  6. Love this! I was looking for a good “earthy” egg project! Life to the full, melissa

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