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How to create an Ice Cream Social {our party}

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Did you know that July is National Ice Cream month? Well it is and we celebrated yesterday poolside. My son and mom, more so my son, thought this was by far the best blog project ever. How to create an ice cream social whether it be for one or a few people can be really easy with a few fun coordinating items and of course, delicious ice cream.

how to create ice cream social

how to create an ice cream social We decided to use the recently renovated pool house to setup our condiments. I did receive a few fun complimentary decorating items from Wayfair to help decorate for our ice cream social as well as Ben and Jerry’s coupons. I chose the affordable apple green chevron and chickles napkins as well as the apple green mingled placemats by Pine Cone Hill. I love how the three coordinate together.

how to create an ice cream social  There are so many different color combinations you can go with if green isn’t your thing. The ice cream bowls are also from Wayfair and are from the Hot Tamale collection.

how to create an ice cream social

I used four glass jars to hold the sundae toppings along with plastic ice cream scoops spoons. You can use any small dish or bowl, I just love using glass so you can see the colors of the toppings.

how to create an ice cream social

I used the napkins to cover a glass candle holder tipped upside down to place the cone holder on. My goal was to create varying heights to increase visual appeal. Not that my son or mom care about visual appeal but you and I do right? 🙂 You could even use a cardboard box covered with decorative wrapping paper to achieve a varying height look.

how to create an ice cream social

I cut strips of an old letter folder holder and wrapped them around the jars of caramel, hot fudge and whip cream. You don’t have to do this but it disguises the otherwise boring jar and transforms it to a fun and coordinating decorative item. Construction paper even works well.

I decorated one of our outdoor tables near the pool with the remaining linens and bowls for my mom and son to enjoy their afternoon treat.

how to create an ice cream social

My grandfather peaked out his window once they were finished and said, “hey, where is my ice cream?” Sorry gramp, you were not home so you missed out. ha

how to create an ice cream social My son had fun at the grocery store choosing the ice cream . Have you ever tried the Chunky Monkey by Ben and Jerry’s? Oh my, this is by far my new favorite flavor. I ate the entire pint last night.

how to create an ice cream social

I am a self taught photographer and this was my first time taking pictures of ice cream. I won’t lie, shooting ice cream in 80 degree weather isn’t easy. My goal was to get the ice cream pictures during the actual ice cream party and not have them be staged. Lets just say, my mom and son thought it was hysterical watching me take pictures as it was melting!

how to create an ice cream social

My mom loved sitting by the pool enjoying her ice cream with my son.

how to create an ice cream social

how to create an ice cream social

My son is liking our blog a little bit more after this party with his grammie.

how to create an ice cream social

how to create an ice cream social

All and all, a good day.

how to create an ice cream social

Are any of you celebrating National Ice Cream month? How to create an ice cream social is really easy and fun. Be sure to head over to Wayfair to find all of these fabulous items and be inspired to create your own.

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  1. I love this ice cream social party idea. It looks fun and simple enough for those creatively challenged like me. 😉

  2. oh so fun Jess, see I told you what ever you did it would be fabulous!! you did a fantastic job with the pictures!!

    LOVE all the touches you gave the party!!

  3. Love the bowls and the fabric that you picked out! ooo and I love the ice cream that you picked! Ok.. really I just love everything about this party!

  4. Yum! I want dessert now! Your son’s expressions are hilarious! Looks like everyone had a fun time!

  5. I love the ice cream social party idea! The toppings look so cute on display in clear glasses – I need to have a mini social to celebrate before the end of the month!

  6. ValenzMom a/k/a Helen says:

    Such a wonderful and colorful party! I love how all the items coordinated – even your Mom and son matched each other. They were so cute!

    I actually hadn’t remembered that July was National Ice Cream month. I’m going to have to make sure we celebrate that before it’s over! Thanks for this reminder about Wayfair AND the ice cream!

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