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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of DishFish. All opinions are 100% mine.  Today I am sharing How to Clean a Crock Pot with Burnt on Food using a DishFish scrubber sponge. Lets talk sponges for a minute. Many of us have them, me included, in our kitchens to clean dishes. If you are like me, you toss them in the trash frequently because they quickly become smelly, discolored, shredded and gross.

I was recently asked to try out a DishFish scrubber and scrubber sponge and I am so glad I did!

How to clean a crock pot with burnt on food - DishFish Scrubber

How To Clean a Crock Pot Easily with DishFish

My favorite feature is it remains in tact after you are done washing dishes and it’s “clean!” It doesn’t smell or crumble if you scrub too hard.

dirty crock pot with burnt on food

Between my mom and I, we cook a big meal about four times a week and the cleanup process always involves a lot of pots and dishes.

If you are the person stuck washing the dishes, you know the importance of having cleaning tools that make the cleaning process easier!

DishFish scrubbing a dirty crock pot with burnt on beans

At least once a week, maybe twice, we use our crock pot.

Woman washing a dirty crock pot with dish soap and DIshfish scrubber

DishFish scrubs off burnt food without scratching

The DishFish scrubber sponge cuts through tough messes faster and without scratching, gets in tight spaces, nooks and crannies and the flow-through cells quickly release grease, food, and water to resist bacterial odors.

How to clean a crock pot with burnt on food - DishFish Scrubber

Honestly, the fact that it doesn’t hold odors or bacteria is huge for me.

Tips on How to Clean a Crock Pot with Burnt on Food –  A squirt of dish soap on the scrubber sponge is more than enough to lather the scrubber.

DishFish Scrubber Cleaning Tools with crockpot on a kitchen counter

DishFish Cleaning Tool

When you are done using DishFish, it stands up to dry and does not smell once it’s dry. It’s kind of a cute little scrubber too ;).

DishFish Scrubbers drying standing up on kitchen counter with dish towel and sink

The DishFish scrubber by far is a welcomed cleaning tool in our kitchen and it removed burnt on baked beans from the crock pot without scratching. I love the fact that they do not harbor bacteria and do not smell! You can purchase on Amazon today and give it a try yourself. You won’t be sorry!

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