Hello 2016! Family updates

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Hello 2016! It’ hard to believe that we left 2015 behind a few days ago and it’s now, 2016. Every year after Christmas, I always feel a little depressed. I personally don’t love the months of January, February and March as it’s cold and snowy here in New England. Although, my son started skiing last year and that helped get me out of the house and somewhat enjoy the snow. I actually enjoy the ski lodges and fun atmosphere. The outside, not so much.

So today marks the day of getting our butts back in gear after taking two weeks off during Christmas and New Years. My grandfather went back to work today and so far, his new insulin and meds seem to be working great. Fingers crossed it continues. The kids are back to school, my mom is back to work after a long weekend and my dad and husband, well they never stop going to work. Although, my dad did take some time off to let his hand heal after surgery a month ago. My gram, well she just wants Sam and Jason to get back together on General Hospital so hopefully that happens in 2016 for her! – ha.

hello 2016, family updates

I am headed out to a new gym this morning after being away for a few years. When I started blogging over four years ago, it took over my life and the gym went by the wayside. A friend of mine is also starting with me so it will be nice to have a workout partner. I tend to show up if I have someone waiting for me.

This year we have a few goals in mind for our house which I will share later this week and another project in the works that I will share more on if it comes to life. I have learned over the last couple years of blogging that so many things start out as a “sure thing” and then come to a screeching halt for absolutely no reason. We have had a couple of those happen and while it’s disappointing, it has taught me that when one door closes, another one eventually opens. I have learned a lot about patients and letting time go by. It’s not easy though!

Happy Monday and good luck with your new goals, ambitions and enthusiasm for 2016. Here’s to hoping we don’t get buried in snow this winter! ;).

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  1. our gym took its own two week holiday vacation for refinishing floors and paint and polish. Tomorrow it is back to WORK. My husband is going with me which makes it even more likely we will show up. getting a new floor(literally not just the pretty tile) new toilet and fresh new paint in the middle of Christmas on New Years Day celebrations sort of knocked the breath out of both of us. so, we will see how well we keep up tomorrow at the gym.
    Happy New Year and it was good to hear your grandfather is doing better.

    1. That’s great Brenda that you have your husband to go with.You are right, having someone to go with is key. Good luck and happy New Year!

  2. Glad to see everyone smiling and up and about.. Keep that great attitude. Working out will help you with all your thinking problems. Helps to clear the head and heart.

    1. Hey Gail, yep, I know the working out thing will be good :). I just prefer not to .haha. I did it though! Day one was a success 🙂

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