Happy 87 years Gramp!

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My grandfather turned 87 yesterday and it’s so hard to imagine what being 87 feels like. He didn’t  have a very good night, the night before so he was aggravated at how old he felt.


I snapped this picture yesterday before his birthday party and he said, “are you documenting how old I am?” I told him, “of course!”


He enjoyed his cake and ice cream and said he was happy he made it another year! We are too Gramp! Happy Birthday!


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  1. Tell him I think he is doing great for his age. He is lucky. You are wonderful.

  2. Rachel P. says:

    You are so lucky to still have your grandparents. Three of mine passed away before they were 65, and my paternal grandfather at 80. However, since we are grandparents, we feel so blessed that we are here for our 5 grandchildren (ages 2 to 15). We are 71 and 72 and we hope to be around for a long while longer. My Mom passed away at 94, and my MIL at 92. Unfortunately, our Dads only made it to their 70’s. Please wish your Gramps a very happy 87th. You seem to be taking such good care of the older generation – enjoy every day you are with them!

  3. Your Gramps doesn’t look 87! My hubby is 83 and he doesn’t look it either. He’s out mowing and weed-eating right this very minute in 92 degree Central Texas heat – you just can’t get those good men down, lol.

    Congrats to your Gramps! You tell him I said he’s what we call a “keeper” here in Texas!

  4. Your very blessed to still have your parents and grandparents. Please tell your grandfather Happy Birthday from Carlsbad, California.

  5. Wishing your gramps a belated happy birthday! It’s nice to see his smiley face. Hope he’s feeling much better.

  6. Happy birthday, Gramps

  7. Happy belated birthday to your Gramp! He looks great, and I am sure his birthday was a great one to. You are a sweet daughter .

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