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Grilled Pizza oh my!

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Have you ever thought to grill your pizza? I honestly had never made grilled pizza before until last year when we started camping. It’s funny the things you will cook over a fire or grill when you don’t have modern amenities at your finger tips. Whether we are living at our home or in our camper during the summer, we still stock our refrigerator and freezer with quick meals, and Ellio’s Pizza happens to be one of those staples that lives in every freezer we have. 🙂  Many of you may know that we partnered with Ellio’s Pizza a few months ago to share a slew of fun meal idea, snack and appetizer ideas using Ellio’s Pizza.

This month, we are sharing grilled pizza!

Grilled Pizza is super easy, and the kids absolutely love how it tastes. We are in the process of revamping our fire pit at the camp, and I plan on creating a spot for a grate as well. Cooking food over an open fire is so much fun, and there is nothing better than fire roasted pizza.

10 minute easy grilled pizza dinner idea

Camping means rest and relaxation for all involved, and lengthy meal prep is not in my vocabulary during the summer. When cooking Ellio’s pizza frozen, just simply add it to the grill (right on the grill grates) as you would in a regular oven or you can use foil as shown below. I sprayed a bit of cooking spray on the foil to keep the pizza from sticking.  Cook for about 10 minutes on medium heat (grill cover closed) and that’s it.

One thing that I have learned about camping is that space in your refrigerator and freezer are limited. What I do, is remove the Ellio’s pizza from the box and stack them inside the freezer. They are flat and take up minimal room.

10 minute easy grilled pizza dinner idea

That is a bonus in my book!

10 minute easy grilled pizza dinner idea

The grilled crust tastes absolutely delicious along with the melted cheese. That is one of the benefits of Ellio’s pizza, the cheese is 100% real cheese and has no artificial flavors.

10 minute easy grilled pizza dinner idea

Ellio’s pizza is perfect for a quick lunch, snack or meal. Serve with your favorite mixed greens or a simple chip side, and you are done. My son loves grilled veggies so I always grill up a side of summer squash or zucchini as well. If you are looking for more of our favorite Ellio’s pizza ideas, be sure to check out our movie nightsummer pizza on the patio and how to throw a pizza party posts. You will also find more Ellio’s pizza fun on their Twitter Facebook and Tumblr pages. Not sure who sells Ellio’s Products? Check out the Ellio’s Pizza Store Locator.

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  1. How did you cook the pizza? You talk about over an open flame, but show a pic of a gas grill. I’m curious because we tried cooking one on our propane grill, and it burned the crust to a black char. Didn’t taste so good. LOL

    1. Hi, we actually have done both (grill and firepit). This one was done on the grill. I greased my foil with a little olive oil and put grill on med heat. You may also want to put a veggie rack under the foil too, that will prevent it from burning.

      1. Okay, thanks for the clarification. We just got a new little propane grill (we are RV’ers) and the flame can be lowered more than the old one. You’ve inspired me, and we will try again! ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. WE are RV’ers too and I cook this at the camp all the time ๐Ÿ™‚ Quick and easy!

          1. I’ve seen pics of your camp and it is awesome!!!

  2. I love grilling pizza! I actually make mine from scratch but this is even easier! I like how the grill gives the pizza a smokey taste too!

  3. We recently purchased a grill. I didn’t even know you could grill a pizza. Thanks for the idea.

  4. That pizza looks divine – we love grilled pizza around here! Have to try this one!