Fieldstone Hill’s “Design Manifesto” invitation

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Happy Sunday morning! I feel like I fell off the face of the blog earth as I haven’t posted in a week! I know, “schedule schmedule”! You cannot even imagine what is going on around here, 2 closets & 30 shelves put up over the course of 4 days! Phew, my dad has me busy!

We are headed out this morning to go apple picking but before we left, I just wanted to take a quick minute to invite all of you to check out Miss Darlene’s “Design Manifesto” invite over at “Fieldstone Hill”.  

Miss {Darlene} holds a very special place in my bloggie heart as she was my first blog friend & super sweet to my “probably annoying” questions. Smile You know when you first started to blog , that feeling of giddy excitement when someone joined your friend connect site that wasn’t a relative/friend or yourself! Darlene was that person for me Smile Darlene has started a fantastic way to connect with you all & a way for you to connect with others. It’s a win win for everyone! I highly encourage you to get your name added to her blog along with all the other talented peeps….I added mine already!

Off to apple pick & watch some football later! Pictures of my new curtains I sewed tomorrow, I’m LOVING them!

PS. Check out her fabulous design boards & take of a tour of Miss {Darlene’s”} house while you are there……it’s unbelievable! Look at it!!! I LOVE it!!!

Picture of Fieldstone Hill via Fieldstone Hill

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  1. {darlene} says:

    Thank you for sharing this Jess!!
    1. Certainly you were not annoying! I am so glad you love blogging. Isn't it wonderful??
    2. Thank you for encouraging others to check out the Manifesto at the Master Designer Page!

    Enjoy apple picking. We are off to do the very same thing today!

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