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My Favorite Things {Real Life House / Outfit Moments}

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Some of you email asking if our house is always perfect looking and that makes me laugh because it’s only perfect when I shoot pictures for a blog post. I am going to attempt to do a better job of sharing real life with you all. My favorite things for the week will consist of real life moments so I plan on sharing those favorites (life + outfits + messy house moments ect.) from now on with all of you.

So if it’s a favorite outfit, you may see me standing in front of a mirror taking a picture :).

If you follow us on instagram, you know I started sharing fun outfits of the kids and me. I have a date with my mom next weekend to take pictures of her in her favorite outfits so stay tuned for that.

Apple Picking a few Saturday’s ago.

My favorite things {life + fashion}

  Boots / Knee Socks / Jeans / Sweater (similar mine sold old)

My favorite things {life + fashion}

My cute gramp at 7am heading out to work. He loves that plaid coat. Even though he drives me crazy sometimes, I am so lucky to be able to see him every morning walk through the kitchen. You know what I mean?

My favorite things {life + fashion}

I was pulling out Christmas bins trying to organize the closet and found my favorite Christmas pillows.

My favorite things {life + fashion}

Merry Christmas Pillow / Jingle Pillow / Woody Car Pillow

Jeans under $30 from Target and purple ballet shoes. Sometimes I like to get out of my yoga pants and look like a girl.-ha.

My favorite things {life + fashion}

Jeans / Shoes

My dad and son making apple pie. It’s times like these that make multigenerational living worth the craziness.

My favorite things {life + fashion}

I went to a blogger event in Boston a couple weeks ago and snapped this cute picture because I love this dress. It’s from Banana Republic Outlet and was under $50. Look closely, who do you see under the coffee table?

My favorite things {life + fashion}

Forts. This is for all of you who think our house is always perfect and clean.-haha. Yes, the kids are allowed to play in the family room.

My favorite things {life + fashion}

So that’s what has been going on in our world the last week or so. My Favorite Things will be back next week ;). This post contains affiliate links in case you like something and want to buy it. That means if you do buy something, we may make a few pennies.


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  1. Rachel P. says:

    Always enjoy your posts Jessica. Glad to see you live just like the rest of us! Keep posting “real life” in addition to your “cleaned up posts”.

  2. Yay for forts in the family room! Soon enough they’ll want the car keys.
    blessings on the whole family.

    1. OMG the car keys!! My stepdaughters turn 16 tomorrow .It’s crazy how fast time goes by.

  3. This is my favorite post, love seeing the house lived in!

    1. Thanks Donna! Apparently lots of you like seeing the lived in house 😉 ha. My inbox blew up this morning with emails. haha

  4. Enjoy your family. Your kids are learning more than you know from all these generations.. They are learning all the important things. Feel lucky. Embrace it. Your gorgeous

    1. Thank you Gail for your sweet comment! Hopefully the kids are learning something haha. Happy MOnday!

  5. You are adorable in your apple picking picture! I’m sure there are moments you all need a break, but so blessed to get along most of the time. Your gramps always makes me smile. How fun for your dad and son to bake together, love it! It is nice to see you “live” in your house. Makes the rest of us feel better. Ha

    1. Hey Karla! This post has generated so many emails to my inbox! haha. Apparently you all like seeing the real life pictures 🙂 Thank you for your comment and hope you have a great rest of the day!

  6. Ditto to all the above comments. Love seeing your family in the photos. You are so fortunate to be sharing space with people who love you and that you love.

  7. Antonella G says:

    I love these pictures

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