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Fall decorating our back door

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Our back door is often overlooked as far as fall decorating goes and it hit me last week, this is a great welcome area. We have a small overhang that leads to our porch from our family room. It’s a spot where kids shoes and toys usually are dropped and whatever else seems to find its way there.


Here is how the space looked before:


It’s not a very big space but it stays dry from the weather and it’s a door most of us in the house use everyday. I decided to hang the hydrangea wreath I made last week on the wall and add mums and gourds.


The red stool is from Wayfair and it was sitting in a closet without a home. I move things around so much in our home, I forgot all about it.


In the spring I plan on painting this closet door as well as the door that leads to our family room a green color with brown undertones. I think it will add a pop of color to this dark space but for now, accessorizing with seasonal colors does the trick.


The dogs also come and go from this door multiple times during the day so I couldn’t add a bench. The two dogs are rather large and they tend to need a lot of space when coming and going, especially when they are rambunctious .  Although, I suppose if I found a slim lined bench or chair that would also work. For now, the goal was to shop the house and use items we already had. A bench of some sort would be perfect for the kids to sit and remove their shoes when they are coming in from outside.


I don’t know why I have never decorated this space before. I think because I get it in my mind that nobody sees this space, it doesn’t matter. What? Wait a minute, it’s probably the space I see 15 times a day! ha. Don’t forget about those spaces in your home that are often overlooked. For me, pretty decorated spaces gives me a sense of calm and peace. It makes me happy. I know, some of you probably think I am crazy but my mom feels the same way so for us, we add seasonal decor everywhere. My dad came home last week and saw all this stuff and said, “why is all this stuff in my way?” Men! For more fall decorating ideas either at your back door or throughout your home, check out our fall home tour.


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  1. Angela Frye says:

    So pretty & colorful. What a difference it made in that little bare space.

  2. I was just wondering if the produce displayed is real. So hard to tell these days. Enjoying the fall here in the Northwest too. Thank you!

    1. Yes! Some of the Kale and a couple of the squashes/gourds are ornamental but many of them are actually edible. Nothing faux from the craft store. I got all of it at a local gardening shop.

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