How to dress up Denim {Family Fashion}

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Meet Gabriella. She is an almost 16 year old beautiful girl who happens to be one of my stepdaughters. Her twin Alexia, will be making her debut on the blog next week. Today we are sharing how to dress up denim. I recently created a fashion page on the blog which will feature multiple posts on fashion over 40, kids fashion and if I play my cards right, I may be able to convince my mom to feature fashion over 60! ha. I asked my gram about fashion over 80 and she told me to go away. Oh! Wait! Maybe my grandfather would be interested? Now that would be site to see. Wouldn’t he be adorable showing off his favorite flannel and rolled up jeans? Living with four generations under one roof means there are many differences but one thing that we all love is fashion. I mean, we all want to look and feel good about what we are wearing right? I personally love young teen fashion but some of it is just a little  “teen” for me. I mean, wearing shirts that show my belly are long gone but I do love this look that Gabi is featuring below. I would totally wear this in fact, I may have worn the jacket one or two times :).  I started the fashion page because it gives an avenue for the kids to be a part of the blog and for the girls, share what they love. Do you know they can create the best hairstyles? They are SO talented. My son even likes to be on the blog every now and again and he is just like his dad, loves his hair to be perfect and loves to look good. I am probably in trouble with him. -ha.

Dressing up Denim is so easy and whether you are teen, over 40, 50 or 80,  you can do it to0! Jeans don’t need to be boring. In fact,  jeans happens to be my favorite piece of clothing.

By slipping on a pair of cute heels and a fun drawstring fitted jacket for cool evenings, this pair of denim jeans goes from casual to dressy in minutes.

how to dress up denim

Spring fashion finds-13

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Jeans / t-shirt / Cargo Jacket / heels

A cute t-shirt and side braid keep this look fresh, casual and super cute. It’s funny because even my mom said to me the other day, what do you think about this silk blouse with a pair of jeans? I laughed and said, “yes!” Her outfit looked amazing. She is funny because she tends to follow the “rules” and a silk dressy blouse (in her mind) is meant for a business suit or skirt. I am all about breaking rules especially when it comes to interior design and fashion. My motto, “if you love it, go with it.”







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  1. I love that your bringing in fashion! Gabriella is adorable and I love this outfit! maybe I need to go shopping…

  2. Love this outfit and love the idea of a family fashion page!

  3. Love the look Gabriella! I just recently bought a similar army green shirt/jacket and paired it with jeans. I love it! I’m looking forward to all the fashion posts !

  4. Jasmine C says:

    What a great idea and how fun for the family!

  5. I love the idea of fashion over 60. Too often fashion focuses on the young, but they already invent fashion. No offense to your stepdaughters, but I’m like your mom who was raised with fashion rules. I find it hard to break away from these rules. I’m glad your mom will be involved.

  6. Please have your mom get in on the fashion fun. I just retired in February and I need ideas on casual clothes. I am 63 soon to be 64 but I still like to look good and love to job.

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