DIY upholstery: Simple Chair Upholstery Projects

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Have you ever wondered how to reupholster a chair or sofa? DIY upholstery is easier than you think. I recently reupholstered our wingback chairs in our dining room as well as a sofa. The sofa was a bit more than reupholstering as I cut 2 feet out with a sawzaw and reassembled before I reupholstered it with existing drapery. The point is, it is not necessary to purchase new furniture if you don’t have to. DIY upholstery is very economical and fairly easy. Our upcoming playroom/study project will involve reupholstering an existing chair that is currently in our shed.

diy upholstery projects

This is one of dining room wingback chairs that I reupholstered last summer. This photo is courtesy of Woman’s Day Magazine, featured in their January 2013 issue.

diy reupholstery

This sofa however was my first attempt at DIY upholstery. After I sawzalled the couch in half (yes, I took 2 feet out of the middle), I reupholstered with some existing drapery that I had from Pier 1. You can read all about our DIY couch if the sawzall part interests you. ha!

DIY couch The chair I have in mind to reupholster happens to be buried behind 5 feet of snow right now in one of our sheds so I don’t have a picture to show you but it is simply the seat and back that needs to be reupholstered. The arms and legs are wood.

I have rounded up a group of gorgeous DIY upholstery projects to share with you which are serving as my inspiration for our playroom/study makeover.

I absolutely love love love what Jennifer did with an old rocking chair. You must see her tutorial, it’s fabulous!

diy upholstery

The Chronicles of Home

diy upholstery

Nouveau Stitch

Marion is one of my favorite bloggers and her DIY upholstery projects are amazing. What I love about this chair below is the wood and fabric combination. The chair I plan on reupholstering is similar, although not as detailed as this one.

diy upholstery

Miss Mustard Seed

diy upholstery ikat

Elyse Lombardi

DIY upholstery So Haute Style

diy upholstery

DIY with ADD

I love looking at DIY projects because it reminds me that with a little initiative and a “I can do it” attitude, anything can be done yourself.  Have you ever tackled a diy upholstery project? Email me the finished project if you have, I would love to to see it!

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  1. Jessica, thank you for the feature! I’ll be reupholstering our couch in the next couple months and love all the inspiration you rounded up here. Thanks so much for including me 🙂

  2. ValenzMom aka Helen says:

    I’m definately going to have to check out these tutorials. I’ve always been interested in DIY reupholstering, but been too nervous to try it. I’ve only done my own dining chair seats (many, many times over). However, my grandmother did her own DIY reupholstering yrs ago of her sectional sofa, a channel back chair, a rocker my grandfather built, and the bench seats of various cars my grandfather would buy at auction. She was an amazing woman!

  3. Thanks for the tutorials!! awesome post…

  4. Glad you like my chair! It was living at Home Goods covered in yucky fabric before I rescued it. Good luck on your project!


  5. Michelle Robertson says:

    I would love to see a tuitorial!

  6. Norma Perkins says:

    Love your DIY upholstered wing back chair. Also, the color on your dining room wall. What color of gray is that? It looks beautiful with your color scheme. I am about to select a gray paint for my interior and I’m really confused.

  7. Norma Perkins says:

    Love the DIY upholstered wingback chair! Also, love your dining room wall color. Who made the paint and can you tell me what the name of the paint is? I am about ready to select a gray paint and desperately need help!

  8. Love your DIY instructs, I am going to take my love seat on!

    Do you and the multi gens blog about your living and how you solve conflicts, manage, etc.? Would be invaluable!!

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