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How to decorate with Blue and Green {our entryway}

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Today I am sharing a few tips on how to decorate with blue and green. Our entryway, which is right off the garage, recently got some fabulous new patio doors (check out our foyer renovation reveal if you haven’t seen it) and today, I am sharing a cute blue and green vignette that I created on top of a dresser. Vignettes can be created on just about any tabletop.

How to decorate with blue and green {summer vignette + entryway}

I picked up a bunch of blue glass accents from HomeGoods a couple weeks ago and I love how they look in our entryway.

how to decorate with blue and green {our entryway}

Nothing says summer like blue and green glass decor accents and paired with plants, you can’t go wrong. I try to mix in a couple different textures and colors to help keep things cohesive. For example, the white and green ceramic planter along with the terracotta and gray colored plastic (yes plastic!) planters help add a variety of texture.

how to decorate with blue and green {our entryway}

A textured tray with aqua trim helps give the glass vases a “home” and not seem lost on the dresser top.

how to decorate with blue and green {our entryway}

This entire blue and green collection is part of HomeGoods Seven Seas Collection. Mixing in a couple throw pillows along with a cute garden stool add a little fun to lower part of the dresser.

how to decorate with blue and green {our entryway}

If you are interested in more how to decorate tips, be sure to check out our decorating page. It’s loaded with ideas.

I am still working on getting the flooring replaced, that thing called “time” and lack of, seems to be working against me.  One thing that I am a little unsure about regarding the floor is I will need to scribe the flooring against the existing stone wall. I am not sure how to do that yet. The outdoor carpet is pretty ugly that is there right now but it’s fairly new and something my dad decided would look great. -ha. The carpet was easy to install and butt up against the stone but a wood or tile wouldn’t be so easy. I need to do a little more research on how to lay flooring and scribe into a stone wall. Any flooring experts out there? Would love some tips! 😉 This foyer has seen a few transformations over the last couple years. Check out our summer foyer from a couple years ago for more summer decorating ideas.

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  1. Those decorations are beautiful! That’s a good idea to put them in that tray. My favorite is that throw pillow! Stunning!

  2. absolutely adore the pillow. what a creation. I am wondering if I can re create this or is this something that is also from Home Goods ???

  3. Althought I would have loved to see more of your beautiful design, I still love how you pulled those beautiful colors together. Thanks for sharing.

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