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Our cute blue + white Christmas tree

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Do you own a white Christmas tree? This year I bought an inexpensive white Christmas tree at Walmart for $39! Yes, $39. Every year I drool over the gorgeous white trees and always wish I had one. My friend Kari Anne over at Thistlewood Farms told me to check out the cute ones at Walmart, so I did!

Blue and White Christmas Tree

It’s about 6 feet tall and perfect for a corner in your home.

White + Blue Christmas tree-2

I added a variety of blue colored ornaments along with silver and white.  I think this tree is the cutest ever!

White + Blue Christmas tree-3

Any colored ornaments will look great on a white tree. The tree provides the perfect back drop.

White + Blue Christmas tree-4

I think this little inexpensive white tree is a keeper and next year, I might need to invest in a large white tree for our family room. Did you see our Christmas Home Tour last week? Be sure to check out our large red and black nostalgic tree and a our dog Garth enjoying the scenery. He loves his picture taken!

Gorgeous Christmas Home Tour

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