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Creating an Outdoor Living Area {our pool}

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Creating an outdoor living area around our pool was a priority this year. Many of our days are spent poolside during the summer and last year, my mom and I decided to chip in together and purchase a few new lounge chairs, cushions and seating. If you purchase a little each summer the economic burden isn’t that bad. Although, that is a benefit of our multigenerational living arrangement. My mom loves to chip in for decor!I was a little slow this year getting motivated to setup the pool area but when Mohawk offered to send me two complimentary outdoor carpets, I thought, “it’s time to get motivated Jess”.

creating an outdoor living area

No worries, all opinions are 100% mine. I don’t endorse, nor would I ever put something “unattractive” to my eye, in our home!

Outdoor living area poolside

I was pleasantly surprised with the selection of their rugs, in fact, I may even order their gorgeous brown and green chevron rug for another space. For our poolside area, I chose this vibrant blue geometric patterned rug. Mohawk flooring, the nation’s largest flooring retailer, just launched a gorgeous new line of indoor/outdoor rugs that are trendy and stylish.

Can I just tell you, it is super soft and gorgeous in person. We have had two rainstorms since laying these rugs poolside and I am happy to report, they dry quickly!

covered porch and pool-11

We are fortunate to have a beautiful green hedge (which is a pain to keep trimmed I might add but it’s still pretty)  as a backdrop so when setting up your outdoor space, I would suggest to try and aim for a natural green backdrop if possible. This doesn’t mean you have to have a hedge but any shrubbery or greenery will work.

covered porch and pool-13

For me, I like to use my rug as a foundation and a starting point when decorating. Sometimes I can get so overwhelmed with pillows, cushions, patterns and colors so I try to pick my rug first. Mixing in inexpensive plant stands to incorporate a varying height of flowery plants is also another way to add flowering greens.

covered porch and pool-14

Did you know that you can leave knockout roses in large oversized planters? I had no idea! The woman at the nursery suggested that I dig a hole and plant them (in the planter) for the winter and then remove next spring. I will definitely try this as I love the look of flowering shrubs “in a pot”.

covered porch and pool-17

We still have some work to do around the pool area regarding clean up but the space is waking up, thanks to our new rugs from Mohawk! My mom is so pleased with the addition of the rugs and how the space turned out.

covered porch and pool-18

I used our outdoor pillows that I made last summer featuring orange, yellow, green and pink. I decided to mix the geometric rug, flowered pillow and a solid green pillow to tie in the green in the hedges and flower pillows. Geometric + a flower pattern + a solid = coordination, “the easy way”  in my book. I am far from a professional decorator so I try to keep it simple.

All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. Looks stunning – like your own private resort!
    How wonderful that you got to try out those rugs – they are the perfect detail for the space and give it that extra wow factor!


  2. It looks wonderful! Wish we were by a pool today! Love the rug! x

    1. It was a great day at the pool Danielle! Hope you were able to spend time at the beach 🙂

  3. Nicole Balogh says:

    I subscribed to Mohawk’s blog.

  4. I subscribe to the blog.

  5. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I subscribed to mohawk home email updates!

  6. I love them, Jessica! They add such a great pop … beautiful design … and, wonderful “anchors” to your fabulous sitting area and loungers!

  7. Kimberly S says:

    I subscribe to Mohawk Homescapes via email!

  8. looks like a spa out there!! all the pops of color…..you did an awesome job decorating! i love it!!!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous outdoor area … I just love the pillows on your patio furniture. I subscribed to Mohawk’s blog. Ty!

  10. Jim Lipscomb says:

    I subscribed to your blog, These rugs look great.

  11. Love the way the rugs pull everything together. Very pretty. Sure you will enjoy all summer.

  12. Geneva j. says:

    Love the rugs! What a great inspiration I now have! I love the color combinations you put together and the look of a spa retreat with the folded towels on the chaise lounges.

    Wonderful and inviting!

  13. ValenzMom a/k/a Helen says:

    I subscribed to the Mohawk Home blog and started following them on Pinterest (I was already following you on Pinterest). Boy, do they have a lot of ideas! Those Mohawk rugs make the pool look sooooo inviting! It’s great to know that those rugs can withstand the rain and dry quickly, too.

    Of course, I already know you were born with that wonderful creativity bone, Jessica. I wonder if this pool-side shot is a preview of things to come in the pool house….hmmmm 🙂

  14. I just asked this on facebook the other day…so do you take in all the pillows and items to keep them clean? or do you have covers for them? I end up needed to buy new ones every year due to not taking care of them!

    1. I replied on facebook 🙂 I have covers that I purchased for all the chairs/cusions and the decor goes in the pool house at night 🙂

      1. thanks! and sorry I meant i asked my fb friends this question too 🙂 i want to make my deck pretty but i know i won’t take the items in the house!!

        1. Oh ha! 🙂 Put the items under your covers 🙂 I do that sometimes when I am lazy ! ha

        2. PS. Grill covers are a great way to cover furniture and they are inexpensive (compared to the real chair/couch covers made for outdoors). I use extra large grill covers for some 🙂

  15. I subscribed to Mohawk.

  16. I’m subscribed! Really great styling!

  17. The rugs really pull the spaces together beautifully and make the pool area have a homey/cozy feel. Great giveaway too!

  18. First of all your pool area is gorgeous!! Wish I could come over! 🙂 I have entered every possible way you provided, crossing my fingers 🙂

  19. I subscribed. Those rugs look so beautiful!

  20. I really like the way the outdoor space looks with the rug.
    I subscribed to the blog.

  21. Bri Petersen says:

    Subscribed 🙂

  22. I’ve already commented but I’ll say it again – it’s fabulous, Jessica! I’ve included a link back in today’s Fun in the Sun party highlights! Thanks so much for participating! Have a great week! xoxo

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