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Our Container Store Food Storage Containers {resource list}

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Last week we shared our newly created kitchen pantry {closet} and many of you commented and emailed asking the container names and cost. I decided it would be easier to create a resource list for the pantry sharing all of the links to which items we used. The Container Store has a variety of food storage containers in all sizes and shapes. You literally could spend hours in the store. It’s one of my favorite places to shop :).

Kitchen pantry resource list

Container Store food storage containers

So here we go!

Container Store food storage containers kitchen pantry makeover

1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. / 7.

* I had a small plastic lazy susan (where the baking sprinkles are) but you can purchase one here if you need one. I also had the baskets prior to this project but they are from the Container Store as well.  See #7.

The container Store food pantry reveal food storage containers

1.  {4″ bin}

The Container Store food storage bins

1.  {I removed the covers}

The rack on the door is by closet maid and it was purchased last year for another project that never got finished. It screws to the door (it’s not an over the top door rack) and we bought it at Home Depot. The Container Store also sells a similar version. It is perfect for storing granola bars and smaller snacks. The food bins definitely keep them organized!

The container Store food storage

I was not paid to write this post by the Container Store, I just love their store and the food storage containers have worked magic in our new kitchen pantry. The snacks are organized and I actually can see what is needed to the grocery store as opposed to just buying what I think we need. Whether you have a cabinet or a closet where you keep your food, try using food storage containers to keep food organized and reachable.

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  1. I’m with you, I absolutely LOVE the Container Store!!!!!!! If I could, I would put each and every thing in my house in a container. My friends think my pantry is sick because of all the clear organization, it just makes me HAPPY!!!

  2. I love the rack on the door – we have contractor grade hollow core doors. Can the rack be screwed to hollow core doors? Also, where at HD do you find the racks? In closets, in storage?
    Thanks! Look great!

    1. if you can’t screw into the door, consider using Command hooks. Seems like they have many uses. If I worked at the Container Store, I’d owe my paycheck back to them on paydays! Same way with an Office Supply store..I love browsing in those type stores too.

  3. Love this. My daughter just commented the other day about how small our pantry is. It is exactly like this. Thanks for the ideas. Definitely will try.

  4. I’m just wondering where you got the dog food container. I need something that big!

  5. I’m also curious about the door rack. Like MisoB we have hollow doors and I don’t know if this would work, though I’d love for it to. If it does work, then where in Home Depot are these located? Are they in the closet organization section or is there something specifically for pantries that they make?

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