Cleaning Made Fun with NonToxic Cleancult

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Today I am sharing cleaning made fun with nontoxic cleancult cleaning supplies. I am guilty of being a stress cleaner. Do you know what a stress cleaner is? I tend to go crazy and get obsessed with cleaning when I am stressed out. I either clean or move around furniture. I don’t know, it seems to help! -ha.

One of the benefits of being a blogger is getting opportunities to review brand products and this particular one, I couldn’t turn down.

Jessica Bruno cleaning gas range top with Cleancult

On a side note….many of you have asked, “do I review all the brand products I get pitched with?” Heck no! I only review and agree to sponsorship if it’s something I would use on my own (and something I think is amazing!) or something that seems intriguing and that I (we) want to try.

I had never heard of cleancult before and the first thing that caught my eye when they reached out to me was how pretty and eye catching their bottles are!

Cleancult Echo Friendly Cleaning

The blue box above is my starter kit and the smaller green box is my refill kit.

Cleancult Echo Friendly Cleaning Review -

My initial kit was neatly packed and the top layer contained the dryer balls, liquid mess free funnel, soap and directions for each of the products.

Cleancult Echo Friendly Cleaning Review -

The bottom part of the kit contained the lavender, lemon and unscented cleaning supplies I picked.

cleancult mosaic shatter proof cleaning bottles

Aren’t they the cutest shatterresitant bottles you have ever seen?

Cleancult shatterproof mosaic echo friendly bottles

They are not only stylish but they are shatter-resistant Evergreen glass bottles! They have an easy refill system that reduces plastic waste and real, non-toxic ingredients delivered right to your door. How cool is that!

Ok, so how does this work?

First, do you want to start with pre-made bundles or create your own starter kit?

If you choose to start with the custom pre-filled glass bundle set, you will receive the following:

      • Bonus of Home Bundle Glass Starter Kits:
      • 20% Off your entire purchase
      • Free Bar of Soap in your first order
      • Free Funnel for mess-free refills
      • Free Shipping!
      • Savings of $33!
      • Bonus of Home Bundle Refill Starter Kits:
        • 20% off your entire purchase
        • Free Bar of Soap in your first order
        • Free Funnel for mess-free refills
        • Free Shipping!
        • Savings of $25!

If you choose to start with a customer order kit (you pick what you want) here is how that works:

cleancult mosaic shatter proof cleaning bottles

Must purchase 3+ glass items or 3+ refills to qualify for free shipping.

Glass containers ship pre-filled with cleaning solutions.

After purchasing your first order, you will be entered into a carton refill subscription which can be paused, adjusted, or cancelled at any time.

My refill kit came in a smaller box and contained the following:

Cleancult refills

What is cleancult made of?

cleancult products are made with down to earth ingredients and are free of formaldehyde, artificial colors, parabens, and phthalates. The liquid soaps, bars of soaps and cartons are manufactured and assembled right here in the USA and have Anti-landfill packaging protecting our oceans and landfills!

What makes cleancult different from others?

Their formulas are ready to use and not made from concentrates. A little goes a long way and it starts with saponified coconuts. Yep! No-nonsense ingredients such as saponified conconuts allow you to actually clean tough grit and grime naturally without hurting the environment.

cleancult has also partnered with to reduce our carbon emissions. CO2 contributes to climate change, severe weather events, and rising oceans. By monitoring our carbon footprint and staying carbon neutral, we can keep cleaning knowing we’re not part of the problem, we’re part of the solution. Very cool in my opinion.

Cleancult shatterproof mosaic bottle cleaning stainless steel cooktop

cleancult hero ingredient are COCONUTS! Coconut oil is more than a likeable ingredient; it’s a competitive cleaner. Its fatty acids are known to have antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. We use it as a base to fight off germs, dirt, grit, and grime, while also busting the myth that you need chemicals to clean. It’s totally safe for your day-to-day and our planet’s future. This is a win win!

I love that the reusable glass silicone bottles and containers are 3 mm thick, shatter-resistant and have a no slip grip with the silicone sleeves. Both the glass and silicone are dishwasher safe. This is huge! I am not a fan of handwashing as it dries out my skin so dishwasher safe is huge for me. They resist melting, warping and breaking. BPA free, odorless, hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria as well as stain-resistant. PLUS they look stylish and are super cute!

There is a lot of goodness in the cute boxes they arrive in! Be sure to try it yourself! You will absolutely love cleancult. Each product scent is light and smells refreshing. I mean, cleaning is for the birds sometimes but I love how clean the house smells once cleaning is complete. Do you know what I mean? Cleaning can definitely be fun if you have the right products! You can learn more about cleancult by checking out their website and product options.

Are you ready to create your own cleaning plan? You can either customize your starter kit or order a premade bundle and then adjust the frequency of paper-based refill deliveries to fit the needs of your home and lifestyle. I have a lot of things delivered to my door each month (coffee k-cups being a very important one!) and now I will have Cleancult cleaning supplies delivered as well.


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