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Clean up at the campsite {Summer lake project}

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We have been busy little bees out at the lake cleaning up the campsite. My husband has been a trooper and has been pitching in on his only day off during the week. I actually think he enjoys it! Last week I shared the before pictures of the campsite and where our new camper would be parked. Here is the camper being delivered and set up. There is so much to know about this thing! I think I will do a post on how to buy a camper soon. We know nothing about campers and jumped right in, not knowing much. We did have a camper growing up but that was over 25+years ago and needless to say, I didn’t really pay attention to the details then ;). My dad is amazed at how travel trailers and motorhomes have changed over the years since we had ours when I was a kid.

clean up campsite summer lake project

The day we started to clean up, it rained all day and was in the low 50’s. We filled over 40 large garbage bags full of leaves and debris and I must say, it looks so much better! For those of you who know my husband, this picture is for you!

clean up campsite summer lake project

Can I just tell you, my husband doesn’t get dirty and wears a suit every day to work. Clean up at a campsite is not his thing but he did it with a smile on his face ;). He actually said he enjoyed it at the end of the day when it looked so much better.

clean up campsite summer lake project

I never want to see another leaf again. This is the deck that we demolished in the pouring rain with a chain saw.

clean up campsite summer lake project

Wait until you see what we did with this deck, more on that next week.

clean up campsite summer lake project

Ripping apart this rotted deck was tricky because the support beams underneath were rotted and the deck sits over about 3 feet of water. We carefully removed the floor boards and thankfully, didn’t fall in! Our camping and RV adventure is proving to be more work than we anticipated but we are hoping to have the decks replaced, stained and the outdoor furniture and grill setup in the next two weeks.

Update: click here to see full campsite + deck full reveal {before and after}

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  1. so tell me…are all four generations going to be staying in the trailer at one time? 🙂
    My hubby and teen and I can’t seem to spend too many nights in our 32 foot. Can’t wait to see what you guys do with this site – gorgeous campsite and lake! You are going to have so much fun! Enjoy! Wendy xx

    1. haha my grandparents will not stay there as my gram needs a handicap bathroom. We might all kill each other if we were that close! haha. My mom and dad will definitely be joining us 🙂

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