chicken breast recipes

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Today we are sharing a few of our favorite chicken breast recipes. My mom and grandmother make chicken a couple times a week and most of the time when I cook it, it’s either grilled or cooked in the crockpot. For the longest time, I could never cook chicken without it turning out dry. Then I learned the trick of using a meat tenderizer.  The best method ever to tender juicy chicken and of course, not overcooking it helps ;).

chicken breast recipes


These are a few of our favorite dinners.

chicken breast recipes

Chicken & Dumplings

We love dumplings! When my mom makes dumplings, she makes about 3 dozen!

chicken breast recipes

chicken and rice

chicken breast recipes

chicken and broccoli

Have you ever tried french fried onion rings by Durkee? They are the perfect topping for any casserole. Fried onion rings are a popular topping on green bean casserole but try them on any casserole, you won’t be sorry.

chicken breast recipes

Chicken and Potato 

chicken breast recipes

Rotisseri & Squash Casserole 

chicken breast recipes


These are just a few of our favorite chicken breast recipes and honestly, they are all easy and delicious. We don’t usually go “gourmet” to often unless it’s a special occasion or I feel like slaving over a meal. ha . We are all about quick, healthy and tasty!

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  1. good to hear from you again. it has been quite awhile. AND the chicken recipes for some new ideas is quite timely. have been getting really ready for some fresh new ideas. thank you.
    how are your grandparents doing these days ???

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