We are building a new shed {outdoor storage}

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Before we I get started with today’s post, I wanted to wish my step daughters a very special 14th birthday! I cannot believe they are 14. Time just seems to be flying by these days. Everyone just keeps getting older! Ok, now for todays post. For whatever reason, when my dad and I think along the same wave length as far as projects. I decided to rip apart our master bedroom and start the makeover process a few weeks ago and last week, my dad showed up with a truck load of wood to start building a new shed. Both my mom and I looked at each other said, “what is he doing?”  We recently purchased a tractor for the barn and plowing snow and apparently, it doesn’t fit in our existing shed. Well it fits, just not the way he likes it. ha

building a new shed outdoor storage

The new shed will be added on to the back of our family room.

building a new shed outdoor storage


Nothing to big, just enough to create additional outdoor storage to free up some space in our existing shed. The lawn mower will move to the new shed which will allow more room for the new tractor. I have grown up my entire life living in a state of chaos and renovation. When I was a kid, my parents were always building, selling and rebuilding our homes. My dad has built probably 10 additions off of this home and I am not sure where else he can go from here. haha. I think a new house will be in the near future! A new project ;).

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