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We bought a pontoon boat {summer fun}

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This summer we decided to take the leap and purchase the camper and recently the pontoon boat. We have been talking about camping on the lake for three years and when the lakeside campsite became available in May, we decided to buy the boat too. The kids are getting older and before we know it, they will want nothing to do with us so we figured we better get busy! ha

We bought a Pontoon Boat {summer fun}

We knew nothing about boats and were unsure if we wanted a ski boat or a pontoon.

We bought a Pontoon Boat {summer fun}

We learned so much during the buying process about boats that it deserves a post of it’s own. I will share how to buy a boat soon, a newbie perspective. Ultimately, the pontoon boat, aka the party boat, won. It seats 10 people and is perfect for all four generations.

I won’t lie, when the boat was delivered, I was really nervous!

We bought a Pontoon Boat {summer fun}

I had no idea how to drive it, never mind dock it. We purchased the boat from Rockingham Boat in Salem, NH and they were fabulous to deal with. They not only gave us a great deal, they delivered the boat and spent almost 2 hours out on the lake showing us everything about the boat and most importantly, how to drive, how to be safe and how to dock it.

We bought a Pontoon Boat {summer fun}

If you are ever in the market for a boat, Wayne the owner, is wonderful! Tell him we sent you.

We bought a Pontoon Boat {summer fun}

My mom loves to head out for a sunset cruise.

We bought a Pontoon Boat {summer fun}When my husband gets home from work, I usually have packed our dinner and we head out for dinner on the boat. If you are on the fence about buying a boat, let this be the deciding factor, dinner on the boat followed by a sunset cruise is worth every penny!

We bought a Pontoon Boat {summer fun}

My grandfather is super excited to ride on the boat. He hasn’t made it out yet because he has been so busy painting 30 Santa Clause cut outs. Yup, the man is making Christmas gifts. I don’t think my gram will attempt to get on the boat, that’s all we need is for her to fall in the water with her walker. Yikes!

We bought a Pontoon Boat {summer fun}My husband is like a kid in a candy store with this boat, he loves it! We spent this past weekend tubing and the kids had a blast.

We bought a Pontoon Boat {summer fun}

My son is really young and he insisted on tubing so of course, I went with him. I am not a fan of tubing but I will admit, it was a little fun ;).

We bought a Pontoon Boat {summer fun}

My step daughter’s and niece especially enjoyed tubing.

We bought a Pontoon Boat {summer fun}

I actually prefer to sit in the sun.

We bought a Pontoon Boat {summer fun}

Fun memories for sure!

We bought a Pontoon Boat {summer fun}

We are headed to the lake for a few days to enjoy a little rest and relaxation. We are taking some much needed time off and I will be back sharing on the blog in a few days. Enjoy your week and the upcoming holiday!

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  1. We are considering purchasing a pontoon and I can’t wait for your “how to buy a boat” article!
    Love your blog!

  2. We are a boating family! I even worked and my dad still does at West Marine which is boat supply store. I was actually in there when I was back in Washington and couldn’t resist and answered the phone! πŸ™‚ Now in Washington you now have to have a boater’s safety card for any vessel with a 15hp or higher motor. We actually got a ticket from a sheriff while in our 10ft non-motorized kayaks! I pushed it a bit far as to the point my husband told me to zip it because he didn’t want to bail me out of jail that weekend! Needless to say I called the sargent on duty and got the ticket voided! I am all for safety first, but ridiculousness no! Enjoy your boat, my greatest memories are from our boating days!

  3. Greg Reed says:

    I just bought a new 24’ Sun Tracker Fishin Barge. Ordered it in March and finally got in in October. Have been out on it 2 weekends in a row. Love it so far. Looking forward to spring to spend more time on it. I know y’all will enjoy yours too.

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