How to Clean Windows Without Streaks

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Today I am sharing how to clean windows without streaks using a homemade window cleaning solution that you probably already have in your home! The trick to streak free glass isn’t just the cleaning solution but the type of cloth used to the clean the window.

We live in New England so we have a variety of seasonal changes that leave our windows dirty on more than one occasion. The Spring pollen is usually the biggest offender so we try to clean the glass in the windows in mid June after the pollen is gone.

Let’s take a look at the best homemade window cleaning solution that is simple to make and cost effective.

FAQ: How to Clean Windows With Vinegar

Distilled vinegar is the best homemade window cleaning solution. Mix 1 part vinegar and 10 parts warm water.

Many professional cleaners use distilled vinegar, warm water and diapers to clean windows. Diapers (burp cloths) are made from soft lint free material and are perfect to clean windows.

How to Clean Windows Without Streaks

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Cleaning glass or cleaning windows without streaks is actually a very easy process if you use the right cleaning cloth. 

Glass cleaners can be very expensive and this homemade cleaning solution cleans windows effectively, quickly and in my opinion, better than glass cleaner. I personally prefer a bucket vs a spray bottle as it’s difficult to get the window and cloth fully soaked to create a nice lather.

Clean Window Tip!

I find that using 2 cloth diapers (burp cloths) work the best when it comes to cleaning windows.

girl in purple shirt cleaning windows with vinegar and diaper cloth no streaks

I find vinegar and water to be the best way to clean windows inside and out. If you have dirty windows on the outside covered in pollen, I would recommend hosing the outside window first and letting them dry.

If you have double hung windows with a “tip to clean” feature, tipping the windows “in” make it simple to clean inside and out from top to bottom.

how to clean windows without streaks with diaper cloth

Homemade Window Cleaner With Vinegar

How to clean windows without streaks using a diaper / burp cloth and vinegar.
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Best way to clean windows {spring cleaning}

Instructions : Step by Step

Mix homemade cleaning solution

  • Add hot water to a bucket and 2 cups of vinegar
    Mix one part distilled vinegar and 10 parts warm water. If using a spray bottle, be sure to add enough cleaner. I find a bucket is easier and more effective.
    Best way to clean windows {spring cleaning}
  • Soak one cloth with homemade vinegar and water cleaning solution and wring it out
    Using your wet cloth, wash your window or glass thoroughly in a circular motion and be sure to get the edges and corners
    Best way to clean windows {Spring Cleaning}
  • Dry with window or glass with a dry second cloth


Use distilled vinegar and have extra diaper cloths on hand
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Clean your windows on a cloudy day as the sun will dry the cleaning solution quicker and won’t allow enough time for the lather and effectively “clean” before the drying process starts.

If you are looking for another cleaning hack using another popular cleaning product you probably already have in your home, try using Tide laundry detergent on your grill!

Cleaning HackClean your stainless steel grill is use Tide multipurpose cleaner! See tip here.


Best Way to Clean Windows Inside

I find that removing the screens and placing in the shower seems to be the easiest way to clean the screens. Unless of course it’s a nice day outside, you can lean the screens against your house and hose them off. We have a hand held shower attachment in one of our showers which works nicely to wash the screens.

Using hot water and vinegar is the best way to clean windows without streaks and also saves time. Be sure to keep a few extra cloths on hand to remove any excess water that may drip from the inside window frame.

One of my pet peeves when cleaning windows, is streaks. The trick though is to use the diaper cloths.

They work wonderfully! Using vinegar and diaper cloths is cost effective too. You will save money by not using endless rolls of paper towels and bottles of window cleaner.

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  1. Great idea!! another tip to avoid streaky windows – make sure to clean windows in shade, not when the sun is beating on them

    Vinegar is so much cheaper than window cleaners!!

  2. My mom told me about this and I have yet to try! However, beins that’s you both love technique – I think I need to give it a try.

    xo Michael

  3. Is it wrong if I say I love the smell of vinegar?

    And I love the look of streakless windows.

    Perfect tip for me!

    Have a great day rock star!

  4. This is really a good tip, it really works and its very easy. Thank you for sharing these tips to us.

  5. I have a residential cleaning service that I run and even though I Don’t do Windows….I have a few special clients that I make an exception for 😉 . This is the method that I use and it’s the only way I’ll do it! When you have months of grime, pollen, dust and winter dirt built up on your windows it can be difficult to get all the gunk off. I can usually get those windows sparkling in one quick cleaning using this method!

    1. Does this work for water spots on glass shower doors? Or what do you use to make the glass in showers clear again?

  6. Hi, Jessica ~ I also despise cleaning windows but love the end result! I’m so excited to try out your 10 minute cleaning trick. And I actually have “clean the windows” on my to-do list. Any tips for cleaning screens, too, because ours are gross. Thanks for sharing!

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