How to Clean Windows Without Streaks

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I’m excited to share my secret to streak-free windows. After experimenting with various methods, I’ve discovered a surprisingly simple yet effective solution: a mix of vinegar, water, and an unexpected tool – a clean diaper! 

how to wash windows without streaks
how to wash windows without streaks

What is the Best Way to Wash Windows Without Streaking?

The Magic Trio: Vinegar, Water and A Diaper!

Yes, you read that right! 

Combining equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, then using a clean, soft diaper to wipe the windows, has been my go-to method for flawless results.

I can’t take credit for the diaper idea as my friend is the one who told me about it!

This homemade window cleaner not only tackles dirt and grime but also ensures a streak-free finish, thanks to the gentle, lint-free nature of the diaper.

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how to wash windows without streaks using a diaper

Right Techniques Matter

The best results come from not just what you use, but how you use it. 

Start at the top of the window and work your way down in a circular motion, ensuring you cover every inch. 

This method helps in evenly distributing the vinegar solution, reducing the likelihood of streaks.

Cleaning glass or cleaning windows without streaks is actually a very easy process if you use the right cleaning cloth.

Best way to clean windows {spring cleaning}
washing windows with a diaper, vinegar and water is a great way to clean windows without streaks

Glass cleaners can be very expensive and this homemade cleaning solution cleans windows effectively, quickly and in my opinion, better than glass cleaner. 

I personally prefer a bucket vs a spray bottle as it’s difficult to get the window and cloth fully soaked to create a nice lather.

Clean Window Tip!

I find that using 2 cloth diapers (burp cloths) work the best when it comes to cleaning windows.

It’s a good idea to use a vacuum cleaner first, to remove any dust or dirt from the window frames, window sill and surrounding area so once you start washing the windows, you can also wash the sill and frame.

I find vinegar and clean water to be the best way to clean windows inside and out.

Best way to clean windows {spring cleaning}

If you have dirty windows on the outside covered in pollen, I would recommend hosing the exterior windows first and letting them dry.  Same goes for the window screens. 

If you have double hung windows with a “tip to clean” feature, tipping the windows “in” make it simple to clean inside and out from top to bottom. 

Clean your windows on a cloudy day! 

A sunny day will make cleaning difficult as the sun will dry the cleaning solution quicker and won’t allow enough time for the lather and effectively “clean” before the drying process starts.

girl in purple shirt cleaning windows with vinegar and diaper cloth no streaks

Why are Windows Streaky After Cleaning?

Understanding why windows get streaky is key to preventing it. 

Often, it’s due to residual cleaning product, dirty water left on the glass, or cleaning on a sunny day which causes the solution to dry too quickly. 

Using paper towels can also leave lint behind (a lint-free cloth is best), contributing to streaks. A microfiber towel or dry microfiber cloth are als both good options.

What is the Best Thing to Clean Windows With?

Homemade Solutions vs Commercial Glass Cleaners

When it comes to the best cleaning product, there’s a split between homemade solutions and commercial glass cleaners. 

While many swear by the convenience and effectiveness of store-bought cleaners, I find that homemade cleaning solutions of vinegar and water is not only more economical but also environmentally friendly. Plus, it’s a great way to avoid the harsh chemicals found in some commercial products.

Glass surfaces are different than glass windows in my opinion. If you have ever cleaned a glass coffee table or even kitchen table, a typical store bought glass cleaner, like glass plus, will do a great job. That’s not the case when washing glass windows.

Essential Tools for a Streak-Free Finish

No matter your choice of cleaner, the right tools are crucial. 

If using a diaper, vinegar and water are not your thing, try a squeegee with a sharp blade and a lint-free cloth. Rubber gloves are also key to keeping your hands dry in this battle against dirt and streaks. For larger windows, a mop and a bucket of clean water can be a game-changer.

Enjoy Your Clear Views!

There you have it – my complete guide to cleaning windows without leaving any frustrating streaks behind. By using the right techniques, tools, and a simple yet effective homemade cleaning solution, you’ll have windows so clear, they’ll practically disappear. So, grab your vinegar, water, and yes, even a diaper, and get to work! 

Homemade Window Cleaner With Vinegar

How to clean windows without streaks using a diaper / burp cloth and vinegar.
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Best way to clean windows {spring cleaning}

Supply List

Instructions : Step by Step

Mix homemade cleaning solution

  • Add hot water to a bucket and 2 cups of vinegar
    Mix one part distilled vinegar and 10 parts warm water. If using a spray bottle, be sure to add enough cleaner. I find a bucket is easier and more effective.
    Best way to clean windows {spring cleaning}
  • Soak one cloth with homemade vinegar and water cleaning solution and wring it out
    Using your wet cloth, wash your window or glass thoroughly in a circular motion and be sure to get the edges and corners
    Best way to clean windows {Spring Cleaning}
  • Dry with window or glass with a dry second cloth


Use distilled vinegar and have extra diaper cloths on hand
Step-by-Step Window Washing for a Streak-Free Shine
Cleaning windows properly is a mix of the right technique and patience. Start by vacuuming the window sill and frame to remove any dust. Then, spray your vinegar solution or cleaning spray liberally on the glass surface. Using your lint-free cloth or squeegee, wipe in a top-down motion, taking care to remove all the solution and excess water. For stubborn stains, a little extra elbow grease may be needed.
Author: Jessica Bruno
Cost: $5.00
how to clean windows without streaks with diaper cloth

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  1. Great idea!! another tip to avoid streaky windows – make sure to clean windows in shade, not when the sun is beating on them

    Vinegar is so much cheaper than window cleaners!!

  2. My mom told me about this and I have yet to try! However, beins that’s you both love technique – I think I need to give it a try.

    xo Michael

  3. Is it wrong if I say I love the smell of vinegar?

    And I love the look of streakless windows.

    Perfect tip for me!

    Have a great day rock star!

  4. This is really a good tip, it really works and its very easy. Thank you for sharing these tips to us.

  5. I have a residential cleaning service that I run and even though I Don’t do Windows….I have a few special clients that I make an exception for 😉 . This is the method that I use and it’s the only way I’ll do it! When you have months of grime, pollen, dust and winter dirt built up on your windows it can be difficult to get all the gunk off. I can usually get those windows sparkling in one quick cleaning using this method!

    1. Does this work for water spots on glass shower doors? Or what do you use to make the glass in showers clear again?

  6. Hi, Jessica ~ I also despise cleaning windows but love the end result! I’m so excited to try out your 10 minute cleaning trick. And I actually have “clean the windows” on my to-do list. Any tips for cleaning screens, too, because ours are gross. Thanks for sharing!

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