Backyard Pool Ideas On a Budget

Entrance to Pool with  Arbor & Climbing Roses  

Stamped Concrete is a budget alternative to brick or pavers  Design your pool space with function in mind placing a cabana or storage place near the pump equipment.

Adding a small paver section off concrete patio for a firepit space is a great way to add visual interest and character

Planting small flowering trees and grassy areas outside of your pool area creates architectural interest and provides additional seating area for lounge chairs.

✅ stamped concrete or pavers ✅ cabana or bar area ✅ seating area for gathering  ✅ tree plants and shrubs for color ✅ grassy areas for visual appeal

Budget Friendly Ideas:

Grassy areas are inexpensive ways to add color

Create a seating areas with outdoor furniture

Potted flowers and shrubs




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