DIY Outdoor Patio Space

Create a cozy outdoor space  

Want to create an outdoor space that is warm and cozy on a budget? Start with an outdoor table and chairs !!  --------->  

Create small intimate seating areas on your deck or patio

Multifunctional Outdoor Furniture

I find resin furniture to be very durable and also the most affordable. Our outdoor sectional acts as a lounge seating area and also a dining table. 


 Outdoor Living Areas That Work!  Setup your patio like you would your indoor living room!  

Add lanterns, candles and potted flowering plants

Adding lanterns, candles and  flowering  plants can help add  warmth and a personal touch  to your outdoor space. Be sure to layer in outdoor pillows and throw blankets too!

Create an outdoor space like a pro in minutes!

Clean patio or deck with power washer or hose

Create small seating areas 

Add outdoor pillows, lanterns and flowers