DIY Potted Hydrangeas

Spruce Up Your  

Pool Deck  Patio

Why I am growing hydrangea bushes in pots around my pool! Potted hydrangeas are an easy way to get a rich lush look around your pool and here is how you can do it to! --------->  


Start with your favorite hydrangea bush, potting soil and a large outdoor  planter to fit the hydrangea of your choice.  I love Endless Summer hydrangeas as they bloom all season long. 


Fill your  planter  with  potting soil,  Hydrangea Bush,  Bacopa & Ivy!   

This is why I plant perennials in pots!!

Once Summer is over, I always transplant my potted hydrangea bushes in the ground which come  back year after year! This is such a great way to save money on potted plants!  

Potted Hydrangeas  step by step

large outdoor planter

Potting soil & filler plants like ivy and bacopa

Hydrangea bush




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