My Haven recap {my first vlog}

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I attended my first blog conference a couple weeks ago in Atlanta and I am so glad I did.  The Haven Conference was such a great experience. I started blogging in August 2011, simply to keep friends and family up to date on life living with four generations under one roof. Never in a million years, would I have thought I would be at a blog conference 10 months later meeting all my invisible friends and sharing a hotel room nonetheless with Logan from Life For Dessert and Darlene from Fieldstone Hill Design, who I had never met before! My five year old often asks, “mommy, are your computer friends real?”. I now can say with certainty, “yes, they are!”

Now don’t be to critical at the quality of this video, this was my first time creating and editing a video.

Watch my Haven recap and Logan impersonating me,

Isn’t Logan hilarious? I have not laughed that hard in probably 20 years. It blew my mind how nice, caring, thoughtful and generous all the blog speakers and attendees were. Seriously, it felt like I knew most of these ladies for most of my life and I had never even had a conversation with any of them prior to the conference.

Not knowing what to expect, I had no idea the popularity of “recap posts” after the conference. Unfortunately, I didn’t take many pictures to share but never fear, go to Rhoda’s site at SouthernHospitality and you will see all the Haven recap posts in one place on her blog. I will be better prepared next time!

I think this video though gives you a clear indication that I had fun! Now you know what a group bloggers who have never met before do at 2am in the morning at a conference 🙂

PS. We now have a youtube channel, you can subscribe here .


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  1. Okay….that seriously made my day!! Logan did a great job impersonating you!! Hilarious!! It was so nice meeting you at Haven!! Love that Boston accent!! Hope you are doing well Jessica!!

    1. Thanks Tonya! It was great meeting you as well and your mom πŸ™‚ Hope you are enjoying your holiday week.

  2. That was SO FUNNY! Thanks for posting this…I got to enjoy your accent at the table with you at the advertising seminar. This is a great way to share info and stay connected…via youtube. I don’t have it on my blog but after seeing yours, I might give it a try. Only folks would be making fun of my Southern accent when they watch it.

    1. Ha ha Thank you! Yes, make a video, we will love it πŸ™‚

  3. I about died laughing at this video! Loved it! What a crazy bunch of roomies you had! FUN! It was great seeing you Jess!

    1. Thank you Kim πŸ™‚ I still almost pee my pants when I watch this!

  4. Wow! That had me laughing until I cried. So fun!!! Hahhahaaa!!!

  5. OMG~! i am dying over that video!

    it’s hysterical. i totally just snorted!!!


  6. Looks like you ladies had so much fun! Jessica, yes you do have a Boston accent. I used to get made fun of when I took a class in Reading because I pronounce my ‘r’s. Hope I can come with you next year!

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