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TRY THIS: Make Your Own Planter Boxes

I get beyond excited every spring when the home and garden stores start rolling out the flowering plants.  Even if we’re still getting frost at night, just seeing those shelves full of pretty flowers gives me hope for warm days […]

Best way to clean windows {Spring Cleaning}

Best way to clean windows {spring cleaning}

Who despises cleaning windows besides me? It’s one of the worst cleaning jobs on the planet. BUT once they are clean and sparkly, I am so happy! I have joined forces again this year with Laura at Finding Home along […]

Family movie night + pizza

Family Movie Night {a gramp favorite}

Do you guys have family movie night? We try to on a regular basis but sometimes it doesn’t work out for all of us to join in. My dad, grandfather and son are the kings of movie night. Some how […]

Boston Aquarium Boston, Ma / Spring break

Boston Aquarium + Campsite Cleanup

Last week was our spring break for school and unfortunately, my eight year old ended up with the stomach bug for 4 of the days. He is at the age where he realizes that his vacation was ruined (he thought) […]


TRY THIS: Make a Gift for Mom

Moms have been enjoying gifts handmade with love from their children since long before the first Mothers’ Day.  As a mom, I get so excited when I receive something that one of my children has poured their love and effort and […]

how to make tacos/flat bottom taco shells

How to make Tacos {flat bottom shells}

Today I wanted to share how my mom and I make tacos. It’s not really that hard but there are a few tricks to make taco night fun and yummy! We are not that crafty where we make our own […]

grandparents + stubborn + 911

Grandparents + stubborn + 911 again

You know something, it’s a crazy thing sometimes living with the elderly. I often wonder if I will end up as stubborn and one sided about help as my grandparents. My grandmother fell yesterday and was on the floor for […]

Decorating a red bookcase - Four Generations One Roof-5

How to decorate a red bookcase for Spring

Are you changing things up a bit in your home now that the warmer weather is here? Spring is such a welcoming season for us here in the Northeast. Our winters are horrible and 50 degrees can feel like heaven […]


Waterfront View: 25 Ways to Go Coastal

Our family loves the sun and sand.  We spend half the year planning our waterfront getaway, and the other half savoring the memories that we made there.  I can be happy with lake or ocean water, as long as there’s […]

our campsite in the snow {before & after winter-summer}

Roasting hot dogs in the snow {campsite winter vs summer}

Didn’t you know you could go camping in the snow? Just kidding. We took a ride a couple weeks ago to our campsite where our camper lived through the winter to check things out. Needless to say, there was still […]

Buffalo Chicken stuffed Crescent Rolls-1-2

Buffalo Chicken stuffed Crescent Roll

Last Thursday night was girls night at our house and I decided to try one of the Pillsbury crescent roll recipes. Growing up I had a group of girls all through elementary and  high school that were my best buddies […]

Yard cleanup made easy. Love this premixed high octane gas and oil mixture

Yard Work Made Easy! Get the weed wacker out!

I don’t know about you but yard work is kind of a bummer. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I (we) love a beautiful yard but getting it that way can be painful. We are always looking for ways to […]

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