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family time hibicachi restaurant + grandparents update

Family Time at Hibachi Restaurant + grandparents update

This past Sunday we managed to round up our entire family¬†including my brother’s family and head to our local hibachi restaurant for lunch. My grandparents are finally back to be healthy, meaning colds are gone and the dreaded pneumonia virus […]

chicken breast recipes

Favorite Chicken Wrap {love this!}

We had an eventful weekend doing yard work and cleaning out flower beds and it’s still not finished. Hopefully by the end of the week, it will be done. I made a delicious chicken wrap over the weekend based on […]

favorite spring flowers

Favorite Spring flowers

Spring showers bring May flowers right? I cannot wait for those flowers to start blooming. In the meantime we recently visited our local nursery and bought a bunch of hanging plants full of spring flowers for our patio and porch. […]

tofu stir fry with eggplant. easy healthy dinner that fills you up! www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com

Tofu Stir Fry dinner {with eggplant}

Never in a million years would I have thought I would make a tofu stir fry dinner. I joined a boot camp fitness program the beginning of the month at which point, I decided to try and change my eating […]

how to paint a basket with acrylic paint www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com

How to paint baskets {hate it then paint it!}

A few weeks ago Wayfair asked me if I would like to participate in their “9 ideas for updating your decor with paint” feature. Well of course! I picked out a set of storage baskets that were incredibly durable and […]

I destroyed our deck with a hammer and crow bar {deck repair}

Our porch and deck have a set of stairs that leads to our back yard and over the years, the ground has shifted under the porch creating a nightmare when it rains. When you look under our porch, there are […]

Happy Birthday Gram + Mother’s Day pictures

Happy birthday to my gram! She¬†turned 82 on Mother’s Day this year so of course, we enjoyed a cake that my aunt made her and a weekend full of celebratory dinners, brunch and our traditional trip to our local nursery […]

sisal diy planter

Mother’s Day weekend

Mother’s Day weekend is when we, “my mom and I”, look forward to heading to our local nursery and loading up the truck with colorful blooming annuals to fill our window boxes and planters. It’s the perfect weekend to kick […]

generational differences

Generational Differences

I never realized the generational differences between my family until we all started living together under one roof. Living with four generations has been a blessing for the most part and an education as well. From growing up during the […]

cheesy shepherd's pie

Cheesy Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s pie is one of my dad and grandfather’s favorite dinners so of course, we cook it all the time. Sometimes we add cheese when we want to mix it up a bit from our traditional shepherd’s pie recipe. This […]

melted crayon art

Melted Crayon Art {tutorial}

Would you believe me if I told you I had never heard of melted crayon art? Seriously. A couple weeks ago my step daughter’s were here for April vacation and they said, “how about we make a piece of artwork […]

chicken breast recipes

chicken casserole

This chicken casserole happened by accident and is a mix of a left over rotisserie chicken, potatoes and broccoli. Last week we had what seems to be a bazillion activities after school and time was minimal so that is when […]

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