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Meet Jessica

Welcome to Four Generations One Roof LLC!

I am Jessica, a loving wife, “nuchey’s” mom and stepmom to “A” and “G”. 

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I also happen to be the ring leader of our blog, Four Generations  One Roof (founded September 2011). We are from a small town in New England and the unique thing about us, which many find fascinating (some say crazy), is that we all live together under one roof. We were recently featured on ABC World News. You can watch us here on video, 

Via ABC World News

The chaos began in 2008 when my husband, son and I moved into my childhood home with my parents. We originally planned to stay for a short time while we looked for a new home but we never left! Shortly after, my grandparents (my dad’s parents) also moved in.  Can you imagine living with four generations? If someone told me ten or even five years ago that my family & I would be, I would have said {expletive} NO WAY!  Honestly though, we are truly blessed because the memories that we are making are out of the ordinary & I feel very lucky! My son has the best of all worlds! He gets to see his grandparents & great grandparents all the time…..can you say spoiled?

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Fortunately, we have our own spaces “under one” roof ~ an expansive colonial that we lovingly call “our compound”. It’s the home my parents have owned for the past 30 years. How fabulous are they to allow all of us to move in? When I was growing up, they took in all of my friends and my brothers friends that had issues at home. Some lived with us for years! They are, without a doubt, the most loving and giving people you will ever meet.

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As for the projects, building and decorating  it’s like “two and a half men….plus a girl”. I’ll take credit for the decorative ideas {although I think I might be able to build a house once my dad is finished with me}, my dad is the builder,  gramps is the supervisor and  my little man assists in creating chaos! What else would a little boy be doing! You’ll find my mom with the horses {hiding} in the barn, my gram glued to her daytime tv soap opera’s & my husband either at work or playing his drums. He thinks he’s a rockstar!

Bruno's edited portrait This Old House

If you find our living arrangement intriguing {or insane}, enjoy reading about other peoples insanity as well as lots of DIY projects, decorating and crafting, you have come to the right place! You can stay updated by subscribing here via email or feed.

If you are interested in hearing what life is like living together under one roof, the good, the bad and the ugly, be sure to checkout the multigenerational living page.

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Jessica as well as her family, have been featured in a variety of national publications, radio, print and online as well as magazine features. Read more on the “press and features page“.

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Photo courtesy of The Boston Globe

Last but not least, be sure to check out our “workplace” page. Something you may not know about me, I have my real estate license and we take on projects such as rehab, demo, remodel ….you name it. Yes, three of us also work together plus crazy Lou. Check us out at work!

Hopefully we inspire you to DIY and have fun doing it. Who knows, maybe inspire you to live with four generations of family yourself and create your “own compound”!

Visit our Home Tour to see where we live!


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