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DIY Summer Vase + Washi Tape {10 minute idea}

Hey guys, I am back with another quick idea as part of Laura’s 10 minute idea series.  Yesterday, I shared our recent birthday celebration and the vase I used as the centerpiece got a tiny makeover which I am sharing the tutorial today. When I was setting the table for the party, I felt like the vase needed a little extra something. Many times, the stems of the flowers look “not so pretty” so I am always trying to find ways to disguise the stems. In the past, I have used sisal and burlap. This time, I used decorative washi tape that coordinated with my table linens and dishware.

DIY Vase + Washi Tape {10 minute idea} Love this summer outdoor decorating idea. Jazz up a vase with Washi tape!

This is so simple! Wrap washi tape around the bottom of a vase and that’s it.

DIY Vase + Washi Tape {10 minute idea} Love this summer outdoor decorating idea. Jazz up a vase with Washi tape!

Pick any tape colors that you love.

DIY Vase + Washi Tape {10 minute idea} Love this summer outdoor decorating idea. Jazz up a vase with Washi tape!


DIY Vase + Washi Tape {10 minute idea} Love this summer outdoor decorating idea. Jazz up a vase with Washi tape!

In under 10 minutes (really 30 seconds….), I created a DIY summer vase for our birthday table. Kind of fun right?

DIY Vase + Washi Tape {10 minute idea} Love this summer outdoor decorating idea. Jazz up a vase with Washi tape!

There are so many different colors and patterns of washi tape, the possibilities are endless. Next time you are adding flowers to a vase, try creating your own DIY summer vase for your tabletop. Ok, now for some more fun! Head over to these other fabulous bloggers and see what craft they have done in 10 minutes.

10-Minute-Ideas - Full- size_edited-1

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thistle craft

10 minute DIY Window Valance {no sew}

A couple weeks ago we shared our blue powder room makeover off of the kitchen and would you believe me if I told you that the valance was a table runner? During the painting project, I picked up a few accessories but couldn’t find a window treatment that was suitable. The window is an awkward size.  Most of the valances that I found in the store were either the wrong size or didn’t look good. As I was wrapping up the project I was totally annoyed because the darn window was still naked. Then it dawned on me, I had purchased this adorable table runner a few weeks ago from Home Goods. Mainly because it was cute and cheap, not realizing at the time, it was would be my window treatment in the bathroom!

10 minute DIY window Valance {no sew} How to turn a table runner into a window valance

Items needed

Table Runner (or whatever you are turning into a valance)

Stitch Witchery

Curtain Rod

First, lay out your table runner on a flat surface.

10 minute DIY window Valance {no sew} How to turn a table runner into a window valance

I originally intended to use drapery rods to hang the valance but didn’t like the look so I opted to create a hem/pocket using the stitch witchery. The pocked allowed me to slide the rod through. I didn’t want to cut my table runner (you never know when I might need it on the table) so I used the entire length. Feel free to cut yours to the desired length.

10 minute DIY window Valance {no sew} How to turn a table runner into a window valance

 I used a hot iron with steam to adhere the stitch witchery to the runner.

10 minute DIY window Valance {no sew} How to turn a table runner into a window valance

That’s it! A 10 minute valance created with a table runner. Yay!

10 minute DIY window Valance {no sew} How to turn a table runner into a window valance

Be sure to check out the rest of the bathroom makeover for more tips, color inspiration and of course, the before pictures. We love our DIY window valance and the best part is was quick and was no sew!

Fun Father’s Day Grill Gift Basket

Out with Mother’s Day and in with Father’s Day. Where does the time go? I swear it was just “my” day a couple days ago! ha. Living with “three” dads under one roof, you are bound to get stumped on what to buy them for Father’s Day. Even though my husband and grandfather are not my “dad”, I am still responsible somehow for getting them a gift. It never fails, during any holiday, I am the shopper and the buyer. My dad gives me money to do “his” shopping and of course, I take the kids to shop for their dad. One of the dads in our house will be getting this fabulous fun grill basket for Father’s Day. Hopefully my husband doesn’t read this post :).

Grill Gift Basket Idea / Perfect for Father's Day  or any grill lover

When preparing a gift basket, I tend to fill a basket, bucket or box. Something that can be easily carried works the best.

Grill Gift Basket Idea / Perfect for Father's Day  or any grill lover

I picked up most of these items at my local Home Goods store.

Tip: If using a basket or bucket, try using two different sizes. For example, I used a serving platter styled tray to accompany the deeper larger basket which holds most of the items. 

Fun Father's Day Grill Gift Basket-17

Grilling resource guide:

Basket – to hold items or be used as a serving platter (larger bottom basket)

Meat tenderizer – Tenderizes steaks, chops, veal, chicken breast and a variety of other meats

Grill basket – works great when cooking veggies, fish or anything small that will fall through standard grill grates

Burger press – Makes stuffed burgers, sliders and regular patties

Barbecue tongs – perfect for flipping or moving meat

Meat thermometer 

Grill Gift Basket Idea / Perfect for Father's Day  or any grill lover

In addition to the above essentials, a tablecloth, cute plastic food baskets, napkins, seasonings, skewers, BBQ sauces are all perfect complimentary items for a grill gift basket.  Sometimes I just pick up cute things that are relative to the theme of the gift basket and before I know it, I have enough to fill a box, pail or basket. If you have empty pockets, fill with coordinating tissue paper. Tissue paper is a gift baskets best friend! In case you are wondering where you can find these items, I picked them all up at HomeGoods…….even the cute mustard and ketchup containers ;).

Disclosure: I was provided with gift cards from HomeGoods to create this Father’s Day grill gift basket.

DIY fabric photo wall art + cleaning tips + $200 HomeDepot giveaway

Good morning! Who wants to win a $200 gift card to Home Depot? Keep reading!  We recently partnered with P&G and The Home Depot to share our cleaning tips and tricks when moving into a new home as well as a fun tutorial on how to make your own DIY fabric photo wall art.  Cleaning your home is never a fun task especially when you are cleaning up grim that isn’t your own. Somewhere along the line, we have all moved into a new home or apartment and have been blessed with the lovely residue from previous occupants. I am kind of a germ freak when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms so for me, I tend to go overboard when cleaning these spaces.

diy fabric photo wall art

Come join me over at  The Home Depot and get the full tutorial on this 10 minute wall art piece and see me in action cleaning kitchen cabinets. Be sure to check out all of the cleaning tips and easy projects to personalize your home at the Apron Blog shared by other talented bloggers. I am loving all the shelf projects they are sharing!

Are you ready to win your own $200 Home Depot Gift card? Enter below via rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Winner will have 48 hours to respond to email to claim prize or another winner will be drawn.

This post is sponsored by P&G and The Home Depot. All opinions and words are 100% my own.

Decorating with Yellow Flowers {10 minutes or less}

I try not to over-think decorating. Sometimes it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the details that you forget about what you are really trying to accomplish when decorating. For me, flowers are always what save the day. This simple bouquet of yellow flowers {mums} along with fresh greens are perfect for any tabletop, especially for spring or summer.

how to decorate with fresh flowers / 10 minutes or less decorating ideas

I picked up a 8 stems of yellow mums and the greens for under $12 dollars.

Mother's Day Spring table -2

Most floral shops (I go to Wegmans, my local grocery store) have a variety of textured fillers (greens) that will coordinate with just about any flower.  I just happen to love yellow flowers and found the color fitting for our tablescape above. Decorating with fresh flowers is easy and doesn’t need to be expensive. If change the water every other day and cut the bottom of the stems on an angle when you change the water, you will most likely get a full to two weeks of life from your flowers. These lasted almost 2.5 weeks! Check out more of our projects at our home & projects page.

Best way to clean windows {spring cleaning}

Who despises cleaning windows besides me? It’s one of the worst cleaning jobs on the planet. BUT once they are clean and sparkly, I am so happy! I have joined forces again this year with Laura at Finding Home along with a few other fabulous bloggers to share our 10 minute ideas around the home. Each month for the rest of the year, we’ll share something that only takes 10 minutes around the home. This month is cleaning tips, hence the best way to clean windows from yours truly. Loving the look of our family room below when everything is clean and sparkly!

best way to clean windows {spring cleaning}

This is so easy! Simply add hot water to a bucket and 2 cups of vinegar.

Best way to clean windows {spring cleaning}

I find that using 2 cloth diapers (burp cloths) work the best. Soak one cloth and wring it out. Use that one to wash your window and dry with the second cloth (keep it dry).

Best way to clean windows {spring cleaning}

Simple right?

Best way to clean windows {spring cleaning} . Secret to a no streak window

Using hot water and vinegar I find, saves time and is virtually streakless. That is one of my pet peeves when cleaning windows, I despise streaks. The trick though is to use the diaper cloths. They work wonderfully! Now that you have seen the best way to clean windows, head over and checkout these other fabulous 10 minute ideas.




Finding Home

Simple Tip to Keep Your Refrigerator Clean

 Thistle Wood Farms

julie blanner 10 minute ideas

Julie Blanner

 touching up painted furniture

Inspired by Charm



How to decorate a red bookcase for Spring

Are you changing things up a bit in your home now that the warmer weather is here? Spring is such a welcoming season for us here in the Northeast. Our winters are horrible and 50 degrees can feel like heaven after a long winter. One of the things my mom and I love to do in the spring, is change around furniture and create fun springy vignettes. We had the pleasure of receiving the beautiful complimentary bookcase a couple months ago from Sauder and today, we wanted to how to decorate a red bookcase for spring.

how to decorate a red bookcase for spring

Isn’t it cute? It fits perfectly in our family room next to the back door. It’s got swing doors that open allowing for storage inside.

Decorating a red bookcase - Four Generations One Roof-2

The red bookcase adds a pop of color to the room and looks great against the white wide pine planks.

Decorating a red bookcase - Four Generations One Roof-3

I prefer to use baskets whenever I can. Not only do they keep things organized and from falling over, they are pretty!

Decorating a red bookcase - Four Generations One Roof-4

Our family room is rather large so by adding a lamp and chair alongside the bookcase, this creates a reading area as well.

Decorating a red bookcase - Four Generations One Roof-5


Sauder has some fabulous furniture pieces and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this bookcase was to put together. Often times when your order furniture that you need to assemble, it turns out to be a nightmare. This was so easy and it looks great! Be sure to checkout the Sauder lookbook where other bloggers are sharing their decorated furniture pieces as well. Find more inspiration on Sauder’s facebook, twitter and pinterest page.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sauder. The opinions and text are all mine. I was compensated for this post.

Ikea Hack Vittsjo Shelving {spray paint + wood shelving}

Who loves Ikea? I do! We are fortunate to have a new store about an hour from our house, just south of Boston. I don’t get there as much as you would think, considering we live so close but I did make a trip last fall to pick up a set of black Vittsjo shelving units for the playroom. What do I love about Ikea? Most of their items are inexpensive and excellent quality. I never feel bad about modifying anything from Ikea.

Vittsjo IKEA Hack {spray paint + wooden shelves}

Ikea Hack Vittsjo shelving {spray paint + wooden shelf}

We needed a small shelving unit on either side of our fireplace in in the playroom and these shelves were perfect but they were the wrong color and had glass shelving.

Ikea Hack Vittsjo shelving {spray paint + wooden shelf}

I removed the glass shelves and spray painted 2 coats of gold Rust-oleum.

Ikea Hack Vittsjo shelving {spray paint + wooden shelf}

I picked a windy day to get these sprayed and I remember thinking, “why am I doing this right now?”

Ikea Hack Vittsjo shelving {spray paint + wooden shelf}

Once they were sprayed, I let them dry a couple hours in between coats. Two coats did the job. Once I removed the glass shelving, I custom cut pieces of 1/4″ plywood to create new shelves. I used the same measurements as the glass inserts. I decided to paint them the same color as the walls in the playroom to help create a cohesive look.

Ikea Hack Vittsjo shelving {spray paint + wooden shelf}

Nothing fancy and I was lucky, we had a large piece of plywood left over from a previous projects so my new shelves were free!

Ikea Hack Vittsjo shelving {spray paint + wooden shelf}

After two coats of paint on the top, sides and bottom, my new wooden shelves were finished.

Ikea Hack Vittsjo shelving {spray paint + wooden shelf}

They are perfect for books, games and other smaller items that you would find in a playroom.

Ikea Hack Vittsjo shelving {spray paint + wooden shelf}

In my opinion, glass is not appropriate in a playroom especially when there are usually 2 or 3 eight year olds in there at a time creating chaos. The wooden shelves were a perfect solution. The Ikea Vittsjo shelving units are only $49 a each. So for the cost of the metal shelves and spray paint, I was able to add functional storage that is designer friendly. I am hoping to share the entire room soon with the new shelving and a few new accessories. You should see what the room looks like behind these pictures! A mess!!!

35 Spring Wreaths and Door Decor

Spring is still a ways off here in New England, but let me tell you, we’re ready to welcome it with open arms!  I don’t care how much snow is piled around us, I’m pulling out the spring decor.


One of the simplest ways I can think of to tell Spring you are ready for it to show up is to add a cheerful spring wreath to your front door.  There are so many amazing ideas out there for how you can make your own wreath, but I’ve collected a few of the best here today to inspire you.


Yellow Nest Wreath from The Gunny Sack


Blue Bird Nest Wreath from Bonfires and Wine


Blue Burlap Nest Wreath from Top This Top That


Cupcake Liner Wreath from The 36th Avenue


Curly Paper Wreath from Capital B


 Recycled Paper Butterfly Wreath at Suzy’s Sitcom


Burlap and Paint Chip Flower Wreath from Burlap and Blue


Rainbow Pinwheels at Wine and Glue 


Rainbow Hydrangeas at Illistyle 


Rainbow Yarn Wreath at Purely From the Heart


Rainbow Bunny Peeps from Tried & True


 Bunnytails and Bunting Wreath from Lil’ Luna


Baker’s Twine and Moss Bunny from Becoming Martha


My Easter Egg Wreath


Silhouette Bunny and Stripes from Nest of Posies


Yarn Flowers and a Bunny at Very Truly Me


Yarn and Rosettes Wreath from Simply Darrling


Flowers, Felt and Yarn Wreath at The Cards We Drew


Scrappy Bunting Wreath from Whipperberry


Red Bicycle Wreath from Craft-o-Maniac


Scrappy Balls Wreath from Making It Fun


Gumball Wreath in Spring Colors from Fit, Crafty, Stylish and Happy


Polka Dot Spring Wreath from Positively Splendid


Lemon Wreath from How Does She


 Dollar Store Greenery Wreath from The How To Mom


Gerber Daisy Wreath from The Bold Abode


Simple Tulips from Just a Girl and Her Blog


Pink Tulips on the Door at Life.Love.Larson


Rainboots and Tulips at Refresh Restyle


Purple Spring Berry at That’s What Che Said


Trailing Greenery Wreath from Somewhere in the Middle


My Hydrangea Monogram Wreath


Easter Egg Embroidery Hoop from Polka Dots in the Country


Mossy Easter Wreath at Raising Up Rubies 


Collage Easter Wreath at Rhonna Designs

Aren’t you inspired to head to the store and see what kind of spring wreath you can create? I know I am!

How to hang a mirror with painters tape

How many times do you buy something, get it home, and then realize…..how am I going to hang this? My dad would have a complete geometry problem on paper on how to hang the mirror and get the exact measurement. Me….not so much. I use painters tape. I know, sounds silly but if you tried our “how to hang shelves with painters tape” method that we shared last year, you know it works.

how to hang a mirror with painters tape

Here is the blank wall above the fireplace.

how to hang a mirror with painters tape

Here is the mirror. I bought this mirror at Horchow after Christmas when it was on sale and I love it!

how to hang a mirror with painters tape

Take blue painters tape an run it across the back covering the hanger hooks on either side of the mirror.

how to hang a mirror with painters tape

Use a black marker and mark where the hanger hole is on the tape. Take the tape off and stick to the wall at the height you want the mirror to hang.

how to hang a mirror with painters tape

Use a level to ensure your tape is straight. If not, peel the tape off and adjust until it is level. I just noticed that the old hook from the previous picture is still there in the my photo! ha

how to hang a mirror with painters tape

Tap a nail hole where the black marker spot is.

how to hang a mirror with painters tape

Peel off the tape and add your hooks to hang your mirror.

how to hang a mirror with painters tape That’s it!

How to hang a mirror with painters tape

Once my hooks were up, I used a larger level to ensure that the two hooks were straight (level). See that dad, my painters tape method works just as well. 😉



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