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Building a Portico {the roof is up!}

Last week I shared the start of our new portico project and today I am sharing the progress we have made. It’s looking so much better and the roof is up! It’s crazy how a building a portico, a little roof and two new columns can transform the front of a home.

building a portico the roof is up

Here is the before:

a new portico for our home

We framed around the existing step.

building a portico the roof is up #diy #curbappeal

Initially, we were going to remove the cement step but decided that it was in decent shape and would provide a solid base for the new wider step, so we left it.

building a portico the roof is up-2 building a portico the roof is up-3

We chose a maintenance free vinyl decking to create our new step.

building a portico the roof is up-4

Last week I shared portico designs that I had rounded up to help my mom decide what style she wanted. Ultimately, we decided on the round italian style column.

building a portico the roof is up-5

We did enlist a little help with the install of the columns and roof. We DIY most everything around our home but occasionally, you need muscle for projects, more muscle than I have! ha.

building a portico the roof is up-7

I found it fascinating how they made a simple rectangular box as the supports for the columns. I have never seen a portico built before so this was a first for me. It’s always nice to see how things are actually made and what is underneath the “pretty” end product.

building a portico the roof is up-8

We used special brackets for fastening the wooden box to the house and new columns.

building a portico the roof is up-10

They used wooden shims on top of the columns to brace the support beams (rectangular box) until they got it level, then they removed them.


building a portico the roof is up-11

Kind of cool right?

building a portico the roof is up-12


building a portico the roof is up-13 building a portico the roof is up-14

We decided to add a decorative inset on the front facing part of the new roof which I will share next week. It was a last minute decision but it took the roof line from nice to wow!

building a portico the roof is up-15

As you can see, it’s coming along nicely and the two toned shingles add so much color and texture to an otherwise, boring roof.

building a portico the roof is up-16

We still need to finish up the details and rip out the old door. The existing door is a solid wood gorgeous door with beautiful detail but unfortunately, that’s about all it has to offer. It basically lets in all the cold air during the winter months and you can see the outside through the cracks when you walk by it. Not good! I have plans for that door though, possibly a DIY headboard for our master bedroom. Stay tuned, the portico reveal is soon!


A new portico for our home

A few weeks ago, my dad decided to rip apart the existing portico on our home and build a new one.  My parents have wanted to increase the size of the portico for a couple years.  Throughout the years, my parents have added on to our home on numerous occasions tripling the square footage and the original one became dwarfed in the process. This isn’t the best picture below, but you can see the original one below.

a new portico for our home

A portico is simply a porch that leads to the entry of a building. Our original structure was supported by simple columns which were 2×4′s. As you can see, it’s a little small for the home.

a new portico for our home

Once the portico is finished, the next step in our curb appeal project is shutters! As you can see below, the old structure has been removed.

a new portico for our home

Unfortunately, my dad removed the entire roof while I was away for the weekend in NYC so I don’t have any pictures of the demolition process.

a new portico for our home

My husband and I drove in from being away for the weekend and I said to my husband, “the front portico is gone?” My husband said, “what are you talking about, that roof thing?” ha.

The existing cement step was definitely to small for the new project so we framed around the step with 2×4′s and 2×10′s and created a new larger landing.

a new portico for our homeThe new step will be constructed using maintenance free vinyl decking which will be fastened to this frame.

a new portico for our homeThe new portico is coming along nicely and it already is creating a new look for the front of our home. Our curb appeal project is in full swing and hopefully this project, will be done soon so we can move on to adding the new shutters. I think that the new portico and shutters are going to completely transform the front of our home. Don’t you think so?

PS. Did you enter to win the gorgeous girls and boys bedding from Pine Cone Hill?


How to decorate with Container Plants

Today we are sharing how to decorate with container plants. I was thrilled to be invited to join Beth’s blog hop that started yesterday over at Home Stories A to Z . There are 25 bloggers participating over the course of this week so you are sure to find a topic or two of interest. If you are visiting from The Inspired Room, welcome!

How to Decorate with Container PlantsDecorating with container plants happens to be my ultimate favorite during the summer months. It’s so easy to add a container, filled with blooming annuals or perennials (yes I plant perennials in containers) to a porch, patio or deck area. The colors and texture are sure to wake up any summer space. You may already know that we have been working on our new deck at our lake site and thankfully, it’s almost finished! I spent this past weekend staining and cleaning the deck, just in time for the blog hop. I purchased a bunch of flowers to dress up the deck and I have to admit, it’s shaping up nicely. Here is a sneak peek of deck.

how to decorate with container plants

Metal ice bucket and colorful plastic container:  This is an assortment of annuals and perennial plants. I added two hosta plants to the metal blue barrel and 4 mini spike plants in the lighter blue container. Be sure to drill holes in the bottom of whatever container you use. Don’t be afraid to use a unique or out of the ordinary container. The metal turquoise barrel is actually an ice bucket turned planter.

TIP: Remove the plants from the rug before watering. This rug is a Dash & Albert indoor/outdoor rug and can get wet but the soil and water will stain any rug if you are not careful. I always remove my containers prior to watering to ensure a long life for rug ;).

how to decorate with container plants

Store bought plastic container: The plant container above is a simple planter I purchased from Home Depot. Inexpensive and simple yet looks perfect on top of the deck rail. Be sure to screw any container to the rail to prevent it from tipping or blowing off. I normally screw it to the rail first, then fill with soil.

Wooden Container: Another option is to fill an outdoor wooden window box with a variety of flowers and simply set it on the ground. My girlfriend who also is on the same lake, planted this container below and it looks fabulous. She planted two identical boxes and placed one either side of her stairs. Window boxes do not always need to be near a window ;). This one looks great on the ground floating in black mulch. It also blocks the view under the deck.

how to decorate with container plants

I always try to mix different texture plants together.

how to decorate with container plants

Sisal wrapped container: Here you can see how I wrapped a boring white store bought container with sisal. You can buy a role of sisal at any home improvement store and it works perfectly to decorate any planter.

how to decorate with container plants

Plastic slatted square planter: Here is another shot of how container plants can add warmth and a cozy feel to your outdoor space. In this space, the white plastic slatted container from Wayfair adds a different dimension to the space. You can see the full porch under our summer porch category.

how to decorate with container plants

Decorative white containers go with just about any summer theme.

how to decorate with container plants

Containers with Shrubs: Did you know that you can plant roses in a container? I had no idea until last summer. All you need to do is dig a hole in the fall and place the entire container in the hole and then remove the following spring. We purchased the rose bushes last summer and they survived the winter in the hole while still in the container! These are simple plastic store bought containers. Not the prettiest and honestly, I thought for sure I would be planting these in the ground because I didn’t think they would make the winter. I didn’t want to spend the money on a decorative planter so I opted for the simple plastic container. Wouldn’t you know it, they survived.  I don’t want to mess with a good thing and replant them so they will stay put! They definitely add a nice touch around our pool area.

how to decorate with container plants

How to decorate with container plants can be as simple or extensive as you want it to be.

how to decorate with container plants

I normally mix and match and purchase one or two new containers each year. It’s always nice to use a couple unique containers as well. It adds that unexpected element to the space and visual interest. Up next on the blog hop, the ever-so talented Traci over at Beneath My Heart. Guess what she is decorating! You’ll have to head over to see :).

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How to build stairs {camping lake project}

We celebrated Father’s Day this weekend at the lake as well as a delicious dinner at a local restaurant. My parents opened the pool (yes we are a little late this summer) and did work around the yard on Sunday so we celebrated with my dad on Saturday night. Last week I shared our deck renovation progress at the campsite and today, I am sharing how to build stairs. Our camper is adjacent to an existing deck that needs a little TLC so building a set of stairs was first on the list of things to do.

how to build stairs

The site had two existing decks, the one over the lake and this deck where the camper sits.

how to build stairs {campsite lake project}

The existing deck is fairly stable with the exception of a few rotted pieces. We plan on re-bracing the underneath and re-decking a portion of the floor. First though, stairs are necessary!

how to build stairs {campsite lake project}

Our camper came equipped with metal stairs but because of the distance between the existing deck, they were not conducive to entering and existing safely. The gap was fairly large. The wooden stairs will look much nicer as well.

We used 2×6, 2×4, 4×4 and 2×10 pressure treated wood to build our stairs. Be sure to use nails and screws that are meant for outdoors. We measured how wide we wanted our stairs to be and then cut the 2×6 pieces of wood to length and nailed together forming a box.

how to build stairs {campsite lake project}

I had no idea that steps are essentially “boxes” placed on top of each other. I guess I never really thought about the process before.

We then created “legs” out of 4×4′s pressure treated wood. We decided to add a wooden brace (2×10′s cut to size) on the bottom of the legs because the ground was somewhat uneven and the wood allows for stability. We fastened with 3″ nails and viola, cute little legs. You can also dig holes and use sauna tubes or a variety of different ways to stabilize your legs but for this project, we took the simple route and braced with wood.

how to build stairs {campsite lake project}

We placed our “box” where we wanted it on the deck and my job was to stand on it, to keep it in place. See my legs? ;) I thought my dad was kidding when he said, “stand on it.” Needless to say, I had to stand on it for about 30 minutes while he fastened it to the existing deck.

how to build stairs {campsite lake project}

Still standing and able to take a selfie! My dad was annoyed with all the pictures. He said we would have finished an hour earlier if I didn’t keep taking pictures ;). ha

how to build stairs {campsite lake project}

We added the legs to the inside of the box and nailed together. You can also see that we added a wooden brace in the middle of the box to reinforce stability.

how to build stairs {campsite lake project}

See below that we also used cut to size “cleats” on the inside of the box to fasten to the existing deck. This allows you to nail the box to the existing deck as well as reinforce with screws.

how to build stairs {campsite lake project}

We used 1×6 pressure treated decking wood to create the floor. You will need to use a jig saw to cut out the portion near the leg. We left a 1″ overhang around the edge as well.

how to build stairs {campsite lake project}

Continue to add your flooring and nail on the edges and on the center brace.

how to build stairs {campsite lake project}

Looking pretty good right? Repeat the same steps to build your second stair. Once we measured how large we wanted our second stair, we created another box and assembled to the legs. See below, we also added cleats on the inside to fasted the box to the first stair. You can see, we made our second box smaller in order to create a 1/2 inch inset from the bottom.

how to build stairs {campsite lake project}

how to build stairs {campsite lake project}

Add your floor and you are done!

how to build stairs {campsite lake project}

Love them!

how to build stairs {campsite lake project}

We still need to stain the deck and stairs as well as add another foot of decking to the existing deck but slowly but surely, our summer lake project is coming along! It took us about 2 hours to build the stairs and now we need to build a smaller set for the back entrance door. How to build stairs is much easier than I thought it would be ;).

Building a deck over the lake {summer lake project}

We have made significant progress on the deck that over looks the lake. This wasn’t an easy task as we needed to re-brace the underneath which required someone on the water. Last week I shared the before pictures of the rotted deck and our day demolishing it with a chain saw. You may have read last week that we purchased a camper and a seasonal spot on a nearby lake.

summer deck lake project


Here is the before.

clean up campsite summer lake project

Unfortunately, the cross braces that were there all needed to be removed. Can you say rotted?

building a deck lake campsite summer project

After the rotted wood was removed, we added new pressure treated wood.

building a deck lake campsite summer project

My dad laughed and said, this new deck will last for about another 100 years. Each beam and brace was reinforced times 2! Just in case ;)

building a deck lake campsite summer project

building a deck lake campsite summer project

My mom is very excited to have her morning coffee on this deck. It’s the perfect spot overlooking the water. Although, it isn’t looking very perfect here……

building a deck lake campsite summer project

My husband is so excited for this summer on the lake. Never in a million years did he think he would love camping, a camper, bugs, fishing and living in the woods!

building a deck lake campsite summer project

He happened to not be working the day we started building the deck and my dad gave him a crash course on how to use the nail gun. He was funny, he said as long as he didn’t have to go in the water with the fish, he would do anything. ha

building a deck lake campsite summer project

Again, here is the deck before.

our campsite and home for the summer-7

After a few hours, the deck was re-braced with 2×4′s and new decking was added to the floor.

building a deck lake campsite summer project

We still need to add a top rail, remove the old lattice and create a frame around the outside to create visual interest from the lake. I cannot wait to get this deck stained and setup with adirondack chairs. My grandfather may even pull out the paint brush and give me a hand. I think my grandparents will enjoy sitting here and watching the boats and kids swim. It’s amazing the tranquility that this little campsite has offered in a short couple weeks.

Our favorite May projects + family fun

May was a quick month. Like really quick! My grandfather is finally back to his normal activities and my grandmother is happy that he is out of the house again! He drives her crazy. Although, I think she drives him even crazier. Besides a few family fun events, we managed to get a few projects done around our home as well. We also purchased a camper and the family RV adventures are just starting at our new campsite for the summer. My husband, dad and I worked our butt’s off this past weekend demolishing one of the decks and rebuilding it. What a painful project but wow, it is looking good! More on that this week.

May 2014 favorite projects + family fun

My stepdaughter’s created this fun DIY melted crayon wall art piece in the beginning of the month which looks fabulous in our study.

favorite may projects + family fun We added painted baskets to our foyer.

favorite may projects + family funWe completed our backyard flower bed makeover after a few weeks of prepping, cleaning and planting flowers. I love the accomplished feeling after completed a project like this. I won’t lie, the prepping and cleaning part is a drag but the finished product is always worth the work.

favorite may projects + family funA fun project that I am super proud of is the DIY wall art I created in our study using ScotchBlue Painters Tape. The colors in this mural make the room so cheery and when the sun hits the wall, the colors look fabulous.

favorite may projects + family fun

Here is another shot.

Painted DIY Wall Art using Scotch Blue painters tape for delicate surfaces. Full tutorial at www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com

On the family fun front, we celebrated my grandmother’s 83rd birthday, mother’s day brunch and a fantastic Sunday afternoon together at Hibachi style restaurant. My grandparents thoroughly enjoyed the chef and his humorous demeanor. Check out the pictures, my grandfather’s expression says it all! It was a day for the memory book for sure ;) May is over and onward with June! The summer projects at our campsite are just beginning and the deck makeovers (we have 3 to do!) as well as creating a DIY fire pit are top on the list.


Painted DIY Wall Art in our study

Painted DIY wall art is an easy and inexpensive way to add color and pattern to a room. The best part about it, you can do it yourself! For under $100, I created this insanely awesome (if I do say so myself) looking design above our mantel in our study using ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape for Delicate Surfaces with Advanced Edge-Lock™ Paint Line Protector.

I seriously had no idea what I was going to create but when 3M said, “be bold and be brave” I said, “ok, you got it!”

painted diy wall art using 3m scotch blue painters tape for delicate surfaces www.fourgenertionsoneroof.com

Items needed:

ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape for Delicate Surfaces with Advanced Edge-Lock™ Paint Line

Protector #2080EL

Paint colors of your choice

Smaller artist brushes



*EASY HOW TO* Painted DIY wall art tutorial www.fourgenertionsoneroof.com #HomeofScotchBlue #3MPartner @ScotchBlue Painter's Tape

  First, start with your blank wall space. I used a level and drew a very faint pencil line to create my border. You can lay your tape free hand but I don’t recommend it. Take an extra 5 minutes and use a level to create straight even lines.

Love this Painted DIY Wall Art www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com

Once your pencil line (border) is added, use your ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape to create your border as shown below.

Painted DIY wall art-2

Next, I added a piece of tape across about 3/4 of the way down from the top (#1). I then added the tape coming in from each corner (#2).

painted diy wall art with scotch painters tape for delicate surfaces

At this point, I just began taping randomly and trying out designs. It took me about three hours of adding and removing tape to get a look that was acceptable. Guess what, if you use this tutorial to create something exactly like this or similar, the taping process should only take you about 30 minutes. It is so easy!  You can see below, I added a piece of tape coming down from the top to connect the two points from my previous step (#3). Then added #4, #5 and #6.

painted diy wall art with scotch blue painters tape for delicate surfaces

We are almost done!  The next steps are #7 and #8. Be sure to alternate the tape for #7 and 8 as shown below.

painted diy wall art with scotch blue painters tape for delicate surfaces www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com

When adding the tape for step 9, be sure to line up the middle (#9) with the line of tape above and tape the other two along side about 2 inches apart. Don’t worry about getting it exact, it will look fabulous!

diy painted wall art

 Step 10, add two pieces of tape on an angle as shown below.

painted diy wall art

Step 11, simply add 4 pieces of tape on an angle to each side as shown below.

painted diy wall art

Viola, now you just need to choose your paint colors and start painting! I decided to match each color on each side and above and below. For example, if I used yellow on the top, I also used it on the bottom. This creates visual contrast and addd texture to the wall art.

Painted DIY wall art-7

I used random paint that I had around the house from previous projects and picked up a few smaller crafting paint containers at my local craft store. I let the paint dry for a full day before I removed the tape. Be sure to go slow when removing the tape. I was pleasantly surprised how crisp the edges were after I removed the tape.

Painted DIY Wall Art using Scotch Blue painters tape for delicate surfaces

You can either do color coordinating neutrals, bright bold opposites or simply pick 3 different colors and alternate them. There are no rules when you are creating your own DIY wall art. When I chose my colors, I took into consideration what the room is used for. It is a study/playroom/adult tv area so I wanted the colors to be bright but not little kid looking. I decided to use browns and golds to tame down the bright oranges, blues and yellows.

Painted DIY Wall Art using Scotch Blue painters tape for delicate surfaces. Full tutorial at www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com

Whether you are painting your own DIY Wall Art, painting stripes on a wall or painting a door with a glass insert, 3M ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape have you covered in the painters tape department. This particular project only required using one type of tape but don’t be afraid to use a slimmer lined tape to create a variety of line sizes.

Be sure to checkout more from ScotchBlue™ on their Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter pages and guess what, you can enter to win $5,000 towards a home makeover. See details below.

Enter the Home of ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape Contest at www.scotchblue.com/homecontestnow through July 15, 2014 and you could win $5,000 to put towards a home makeover! The first 500 to submit an eligible entry will receive one (1) roll of the new ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape with Advanced Edge-Lock™ Paint Line Protector!

“Check out this project as a featured project example in the contest”

 “Contest open to legal residents of the U.S. and D.C. (excluding AZ,MD, NJ, ND, TN and VT), who are 18+ (19+ in AL & NE and 21+ in MS) at the time of entry.Void where prohibited. Enter from June 2, 2014 at 12:00:01 a.m. CT through 11:59:59 p.m. CTon July 15 2014. All contest communications, entry/judging criteria and details subject to the full Official Rules. Sponsor: 3M Construction and Home Improvement Markets Division, St. Paul, MN.

Disclosure: I am proud to be a 3M sponsored blogger, and, as part of my responsibilities, I get the opportunity to evaluate new products from ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape. Opinions are my own and additional product used in the project were selected by me.

Flower Bed Makeover {Before and After}

Our flower bed makeover is finally complete and I am thrilled to share our before and after pictures with you. You may have seen our before and during posts where I shared the prep and debris removal as well as getting rid of the weeds with Specracide. Spectracide invited us to be a part of their backyard project series and today, the flower bed is done. Yay!

flower bed makeover before and afterHere is the flower bed before, about a month ago.

flower bed makeover before and afterHere is the flower bed now, a month later.

flower bed makeover before and afterAs you can see the hydrangea bushes in the background haven’t quite bloomed yet. In about a month, they will be in full bloom until the end of September. We still have a few sets of different perennials that are due to start popping through in mid-July so in the mean time, I purchased inexpensive New Guinea Impatiens to fill in the flower bed adding a pop of red and white color.

Flower Bed Makeover Before and After2After a couple wheel barrow loads of debris removal, killing the weeds with Spectracide and raking out the old mulch, we were ready for new mulch. We also re-loomed and added new grass seed.

Flower Bed Makeover Before and After2The hosta is coming in nicely and will fill in most of the flower bed towards the grass line. We live in Massachusetts and we are a few weeks behind with spring plant growth. I think our long winter and mother nature confused our perennials! ha

flower bed makeover before and after

I can’t wait to share in a month or so when the rest of the perennials have taken over this flower bed.

flower bed makeover before and after

Thank you to Spectracide for inviting us to participate in their backyard project makeover series. My mom is especially happy with this flower bed and the progress it has made over the last month. This weekend is the perfect weekend to get busy on your own flower beds and yard projects. Be sure to check out part 1 and part 2 of this series makeover and learn how to use the Spectracide weed and grass killer to create your own flower bed just like this one!

I want to thank you all for the support on this project. Be sure to follow the Spectracide Facebook page for giveaways, savings and tips.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Spectracide. The opinions and text are all mine.

How to paint baskets {hate it then paint it!}

A few weeks ago Wayfair asked me if I would like to participate in their “9 ideas for updating your decor with paint” feature. Well of course! I picked out a set of storage baskets that were incredibly durable and gorgeous on their own but I felt like they needed a little color for my space, so I decided to dip them in paint. I didn’t exactly “dip” them, I painted them with a brush adding a colorful bronze/gold hue to the top and bottom. Do you know how to paint a basket? It is super easy and an inexpensive way to update your decor.

how to paint baskets with acrylic paint www.fourgenerationsoneroof.comI love how they turned out!

how to paint a basket with acrylic paint www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com

I used Scotch Blue painters tape to create my lines.

how to paint a basket with acrylic paint www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com

I wanted to cover the black rim along the top so I ran the tape under the rim in order to create a bronze stripe across the top. I used brushed bronze acrylic paint by Martha Stewart to create the bronze colored stripes.

how to paint a basket with acrylic paint www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com

I did three coats, letting each coat dry fully before applying the next across the top. The lower stripe only need two coats.

how to paint a basket with acrylic paint www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com

Our foyer is looking quite springy at the moment and these painted baskets were the perfect addition. Learning how to paint stripes on a basket is a quick and easy way to update a space. Don’t be afraid to use colorful paints either, bronze just happened to be the color that coordinated nicely in our foyer. I think a bright orange or pink would be gorgeous as well! Be sure to checkout the rest of the amazing painted projects by other bloggers over at the Wayfair Idea Lounge! After looking at the painted rugs, I am inspired to try one of my own :).

I destroyed our deck with a hammer and crow bar {deck repair}

Our porch and deck have a set of stairs that leads to our back yard and over the years, the ground has shifted under the porch creating a nightmare when it rains. When you look under our porch, there are large deep trenches that have formed and the water runs through and it happens to be seeping through the lattice as well as pushing all the mud through.

Deck repair + ripping out old lattice

Earlier this week when I got home from the gym, I was feeling motivated and full of energy so I decided to grab a crow bar and a hammer and rip apart the old lattice so I could see just exactly what was going on under our porch.

Deck repair + ripping out old lattice-2

Do you ever have those moments where you are so irritated with something, you just need to destroy it in order to make it better? ha. I have swept and power washed this area countless times and it never is clean. Every single time it rains, the mud just washes through.

Deck repair + ripping out old lattice-3The stairs have been here for over 30 years and I have asked my dad on numerous occasions to help me find a solution to prevent the mud from washing through. Of course, he has ignored me summer after summer so this year, I decided to destroy while he was at work. 

Deck repair + ripping out old lattice-4

Now he has to help me find a solution! ha

Deck repair + ripping out old lattice-5

I was originally using a hammer to remove everything but then my grandfather said, why don’t you try a crow bar. Good idea! It worked like a charm. My grandfather watched me out the window and kept saying, “does your father know what you are doing?”

Deck repair + ripping out old lattice-6

When my son got home from school I had him snap a picture of me so I could text my mom and show her the mess I made. haha. She was so excited that we were finally fixing this nightmare. Although, she didn’t realize my dad didn’t know yet.

Deck repair + ripping out old lattice-7

What a mess! But it’s such a good mess. I dug out all of the mud that has been pushed down and found a friend to help me dig a trench under the deck where we added 10 inch wide pressure treated wood to prevent the mud from being pushed under the stairs. We also added a barrier under the deck with additional pressure treated wood to create a wall on the inside stair case under the deck. If the mud and water washes down now, I will take a blow torch to it and start over. haha. Just kidding.

Deck repair + ripping out old lattice-8

That is the image I posted on our instagram and facebook account showing the demolition process. It was a nasty job but I am so happy that it is done. My dad got home from work later that day and saw the ripped apart deck and said, “you have go to be kidding me?” I told him now I just needed some pretty wood to nail back in place where the lattice was. He wasn’t mad for long because thankfully I got the mess cleaned up before he got home. He tends to flip out when things are ripped apart and the mess is still there. I am sure many of you have projects like this that need to be attended to, just grab a crow bar and hammer and get busy! :)

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