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Homemade Stain Remover {laundry}

This past weekend I worked on an afternoon laundry room makeover in our basement. It’s amazing what a few bins and baskets will do for a space when it comes to getting organized. It’s a project for Wayfair so I will hopefully be sharing the final reveal in a week or two. In the meantime, I decided to try my hat at creating a homemade stain remover for laundry. Personally, I have never been big into make homemade laundry detergent or stain removers but so many people love it and swear by it so I gave it a try.homemade stain remover / Laundry stain remover


So easy! I found an easy homemade recipe at My Life in Pink and it worked like a charm. I decided to add water to mine but you don’t have to. My gram said this is a great recipe and similar to hers from years ago. I’ll have to share that laundry concoction soon!


2 parts peroxide

2 parts Water

 1 part Dawn dish soap

1 part baking soda

homemade stain remover for laundry

We are lucky enough to have 3 laundry rooms. I know, kind of crazy but with four generations living under one roof, you need lots of washers and dryers! You can see our main floor laundry room here and this is our basement laundry room before the makeover.

DIY basement laundry room makeover before

Stay tuned for the full laundry room reveal soon. The homemade stain remover looks super cute in it’s new home and it actually works. Anything with Dawn + baking soda + peroxide has to work right? I sure did ;).

PS. check out our upstairs laundry room makeover from last summer…..what do you think about the DIY shelving?

How to add new door molding {our front door}

Last summer we added on a new portico around our front door and we finally just finished adding the new door molding inside. Sometimes these projects linger on for months. We decided to add a piece of pine board to the top of the door (to the ceiling) to define the two rooms on either side of the door. This also allowed a place for the paint to stop! Before, the entire wall (which covered two rooms) needed to be the same color because there was not place to stop a color and add a new one.

How To- Front door interior trim

I asked my dad if we could beef up the door with molding in order to accomplish these two things:

a) give the illusion the door was larger and

b) have a place to stop and start a new paint color

His response, “what’s wrong with just leaving it all one color?” He thought about it over night and came home the next day with a pine board and said, “will this work?”


How to add trim to a front door {before & after

My fancy camera was having a small issue this day so these pictures were taken with my cell phone so they are not the best but you can see, the door needed a little cosmetic work ;).

How To- Front door interior trim -2

When we removed the old door, we had to remove all of the old trim. The old door was over 50 years old and of course, the new door didn’t fit exactly in the same space so we used pine filler to fill in the gap between where the old door space and the new door.

How To- Front door interior trim -3


How to add trim to a front door {before & after

Once we cut the pine filler to size, we nailed it to the existing door jam and filled in the gaps with spray foam insulation. Here is an image of what it looks like from Home Depot.

spray foam insulationYou can see below how we sprayed it in along the top of the door.

How To- Front door interior trim -4

Here is the door completely trimmed out with the pine insert pieces.

How To- Front door interior trim -5

How To- Front door interior trim -6

We added primed 2.5 inch wood trim molding that we picked up at Home Depot around the door along with the pine piece at the top. After a couple hours, the door looked fabulous and the two rooms are now separated and ready for their own color! Be sure to check out our latest DIY project on our Home and Projects page. New stuff is added daily!

Our cute little Tea Station

Sometimes you just need a little something to warm you up. The weather is out of control here in Massachusetts so the only projects we are doing involve shoveling, eating and finding ways to stay warm. Last month I shared our DIY coffee station and I recently shared our cute little tea station over at HomeGoods. Nothing fancy, but a designated spot on our kitchen counter for a variety of teas and hot chocolate.

Warm up with a Winter Tea StationWe love to setup fun spots for beverages especially when we have guests over. Although my grandfather thinks I do it special for him ;).

Warm up with a Winter Tea Station

We have been hit with over 70+ inches of snow in 3 weeks so all we do is snow blow and shovel it seems. I set up the tea, coffee and hot chocolate station a couple weeks ago and it’s still there. Head over and visit me at HomeGoods where I am sharing how you can create your own tea station.






Our DIY Coffee Station

Are your kitchen cabinets a mess? Like, everything falls out when you open the door? That is exactly what happens when I open many of our kitchen cabinets. I don’t know how they get so disorganized but they do. Today, I am sharing our DIY coffee station and our newly organized coffee cabinet. We do not have a ton of room in our kitchen so I dedicated a cabinet near the coffee pot as our coffee station.

DIY Coffee Station + coffee cabinet

Here is the cabinet before.

diy coffee station before pictures

First, remove everything from the cabinet and dispose of trash and items you haven’t used in months! I found hot chocolate packages that expired 3 years ago. Yuk.

diy coffee station before pictures

I decided that K-cups needed to be in a container and that the boxes needed to be tossed.

DIY Coffee Station-2

I readjusted the existing shelving to allow for a free standing shelf in the middle of the cabinet to hold the coffee mugs. I didn’t have another matching shelf (which I needed to avoid that big gap of space in the cabinet) so I decided to try the pop up moveable shelf. It worked like a charm!

diy coffee station before pictures

I got rid of the coffee bags and added the grounds and beans into these gorgeous stainless steel canisters. I LOVE these things! They do not come with the labels but you can purchase any label at Michaels (that is where I got these chalkboard sticky labels) and make your own.

DIY Coffee Station-3

Doesn’t it look so much better?

DIY Coffee Station-4

Baskets are perfect for storing tea bags, scoops and other miscellaneous items.

DIY Coffee Station-5

Many of our mugs were almost 15 years old, chipped and pretty gross. I disposed of the old mugs, donated the others and added these new beautiful turquoise mugs. It’s hard to believe that most of the same items are still in this cabinet but looking so much more organized.

DIY Coffee Station-6 Another before:

diy coffee station before pictures

You can find many of these items over at Wayfair.

DIY Coffee Station-7

Turquoise mugs / bamboo bins / canisters / wicker basket / scoop

Wayfair also sent me this pod drawer that I absolutely love but the drawer plus my keurig (which is oversized) was to high to fit under our cabinet so my mom is using it in our other kitchen.  Look at how cool this drawer is, it holds so many pods!


Getting organized in kitchen can be very overwhelming. I prefer to take one cabinet or drawer at a time. My husband tends to like things neat and orderly so our DIY coffee station was a huge hit when he came home from work and noticed how organized the cabinet was. Thank you to Wayfair for the complimentary products, we love them!

Organizing my office drawer {1 hour or less}

I have changed things around here a bit in an effort to get organized in 2015. I don’t have a dedicated room as an office so I try to use dressers or side tables with drawers as a place to keep my office supplies. A couple of days ago, I started organizing my office drawer. It wasn’t overly stuffed with junk, it just needed to be organized.

How To: office drawer organization

Organizing my office drawer / Use stackable office supply dividers in a drawer to keep small items together

The problem was, there was nothing keeping like items together.

Office drawer organization-2


Do your drawers look like this?

Office drawer organization-3

I took everything out and started fresh.

Office drawer organization-5

I had a set of old office supply organizers that fit perfectly inside the drawer.

Office drawer organization-6

I think the smaller containers would also work nicely to organize jewelry. I have had these fabric covered dividers from HomeGoods for a couple years and I am finally putting them to good use.

Office drawer organization-7

I decided to separate out the paper clips by color and keep the elastics together in another slot.

Office drawer organization-8

These items are daily go-to items that I always need for one thing or another. I have another dresser full of craft items that I don’t use as often.

Office drawer organization-9

This dresser is in our family room behind my newly created desk area. I will share that soon!

Office drawer organization-10

When you don’t have a dedicated room as an office, you have to improvise and work with what you have. We have so many multipurpose rooms in our home, it’s the only way for us! ha. You don’t really have a choice when you live with four generations under one roof.

Office drawer organization-11

Doesn’t it look so much better? Don’t laugh but I tend to use colored paper clips when I am organizing my editorial calendar. Each color represents a brand and project due date. I know, kind of crazy but it makes my calendar look pretty ;). Green means finished and red means “to do.”

Office drawer organization-12

Office drawer organization-13

Office drawer organization-14

Organizing my office drawer took about one hour. That’s it! If I wasn’t taking pictures, it would have taken less time. Empty, purge, add storage containers and place items in their new home. Easy! For me, I love doing “in house” DIY projects such as organizing and creating functional spaces during the winter months. It’s way to cold outside to be cutting wood, sanding or spray painting. Trust me, I would much prefer laying on the couch in front of the fire and watching soap opera’s (that’s what my gram does all day!!) but something about getting organized motivates me and keeps me going. Winter is a depressing time for me so these little projects and “little wins” keep me sane ;). Happy organizing!

Try This: 9 DIY Organization Kitchen Tips

New year…..new you.  You’ve seen those advertising campaigns, right?  Lets talk about DIY organization shall we? We all know that completely changing ourselves is going to take more than the clock striking twelve and a ball dropping on Times Square.  It takes a lot of effort to create new habits.  From experience, I know that sometimes the best way to make big changes is to start small. Here are 10 tips to get yourself organized in the kitchen.


If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get organized, try doing it in baby steps.  Pick one room in your house–like the kitchen–and narrow it down even further:  start by organizing a single drawer or cabinet.  I’ve found some great ideas to get you off and running.  None of them require expensive materials or more than a few hours of your time.  We can do this!


 Some ideas for organizing a pantry cupboard from Jenna Burger Design.


 That dreaded spot….keeping things neat under the sink at How to Nest for Less.


 How a junk drawer helps keep the kitchen organized at Clean & Scentsible.


  Lots of spices?  A fantastic way to keep them straight by Organizing Home Life.


  A great way to keep the counters clear with wire baskets at Golden Boys & Me.

Get the stuff off your kitchen counter! Try our DIY breadbox charging station idea.

Easy organization projects diy cell phone charging station

 DIY Charging Station


  A spot for measuring utensils on a cupboard door at Tidbits From the Tremaynes.


  Messy drawers?  Try these inexpensive DIY drawer dividers at Organized Mom.


  Free up counter space with this vertical beverage station by A Farmhouse Reborn.

 I’d love to hear what your kitchen organization tips are!  Have you done something that made a big difference in the way you use your kitchen?  Tell me about it in the comments!

How to make a hot chocolate bar

A couple days ago we shared a few fabulous hot chocolate bars and today, we wanted to share how to make your own. I decided to use the table top of our craft dresser and I think it worked perfectly! I don’t have an over abundance of hot chocolate items and only a few santa mugs so I needed a fairly small space. A hot chocolate bar is just a variety of items necessary to make hot chocolate and a few yummy accessories.

how to make a hot chocolate bar

how to make a hot chocolate bar / simple and easy tips

Isn’t it cute? I used a tray to coral the mugs and and cute buckets to hold the candy canes. I added gold glitter trees and plaid placemats that I found from HomeGoods and along with a vibrant red tray, I think it came out very cute!

how to make a hot chocolate bar / simple and easy tips

Adding a marshmallow and candy cane to a cup of hot cocoa makes that yummy drink, extra yummy!

how to make a hot chocolate bar / simple and easy tipsI filled a jar with hot chocolate and wrapped festive Washi tape around the top and lower portion of the jar. The jar now looks fun and not boring ;).

how to make a hot chocolate bar / simple and easy tips

Want to add a cute shelf above a dresser? Check out our how to make a shelf tutorial. How to make a hot chocolate bar is very easy and if you are looking to add a fun banner, festive holiday flags (marshmallows) and signs, head over to Minted. They shipped me these complimentary items to help make our hot chocolate bar extra special. Thank you Minted!

Christmas Decorating with Fresh Greenery

Earlier this week I shared our Christmas home tour and today I wanted to share how I made our dining room table centerpiece. Fresh greenery can be expensive so before you head out to your local tree farm, grab a basket, shears and take a walk through the woods. You will be amazed at the fresh greenery you will find and the best part, it’s free! Last year a friend of mine shared a secret spot in town to get winterberry branches. Oh my, I was in heaven! We are very careful though about what we bring indoors for fresh greenery as some is poisonous to dogs.

Christmas decorating with fresh greenery

I created an easy centerpiece for our dining room using cedar, spruce and boxwood. I started with a long wooden bowl and snipped a group of small greens from the larger limbs.

Christmas decorating with fresh greenery

I layered the three different greens inside the bowl.

Christmas decorating with fresh greenery-3

I added the cedar first because of it’s flat full body which in return, makes for a nice base.

Christmas decorating with fresh greenery-2

After a few minutes of layering the greens, the bowl was full.

Christmas decorating with fresh greenery

I added a few pinecones and in under 10 minutes, I created a beautiful simple centerpiece for our dining room table.

Christmas decorating with fresh greenery

I love Christmas decorating and adding fresh greenery to bowls, vases, tabletops and any space that needs a little Christmas flare. If you do not have fresh greenery in your back yard, try a friends house or simply pull over on the side of the road and start snipping! ;).

How to decorate a Christmas tree {black + red}

Sounds kind of silly right, how to decorate a Christmas tree? There is no right or wrong way to decorate a tree. If you love it, then it’s perfect! Today I am sharing how we decorate our tree and how we achieve a clustered ornament look. My grandmother was quick to say she didn’t like my method but that’s ok, I do! Decorating a Christmas tree can be overwhelming so hopefully with a few quick and easy tips, you will be on your way to creating a fun joyful tree that your family will love.

How to decorate a Christmas tree - Red + black Last year our Christmas tree in our family room was a neutral elegant flocked tree decorated with gorgeous white owls and rustic grapevine garland.

Deck the Halls Christmas Home Tour 2013First, start with your tree. I moved the flocked tree from last year into our dining room and decided to go with a green tree this year. This tree is by Balsam Hill and is the Vermont White Spruce.

How to decorate a Christmas tree - Red + black

I start by adding my garland creating a looped look.  I found the wooden italian pinocchio’s at HomeGoods and immediately thought they would look fabulous on the tree.

How to decorate a Christmas tree - Red + black

I used two types of garland, a beaded red and a candy cane theme. I always stuff the largest ornaments inside the tree, many times as fillers. No matter how perfect your tree is, there will always be gaps and the best way to hide a gap is to stuff large ornaments inside. I don’t even hang them, they usually are so large, they just rest on the limbs.

How to decorate a Christmas tree - Red + black

Next, I decided to add a few cute sign sayings. I have never added signs to a tree before and I must say, I kind of like the way it looks! It’s fun and different! Don’t be afraid to try something new ;). Next I clustered various sized red ornaments together. Try to use different textured ornaments. This will create visual appeal and create an eclectic look. I love how the matte, shiny and glittered ornaments look paired together.

How to decorate a Christmas tree - Red + black I scattered glass santa clause ornaments left over from a couple years ago throughout the tree along with small black ornaments. Never in a million years would I have tried black ornaments on a tree but I saw these at HomeGoods and thought they would look great with the black, “baby it’s cold outside sign” and the black on our throw pillows.

How to decorate a Christmas tree - Red + black

red + black ornaments/ Christmas signs/wooden Pinocchio/red beaded + candy cane garland – HomeGoods

red dot Jute rug – Dash & Albert

snowflake crimson throw – PineCone Hill

Our little pup enjoys his morning naps right in front of this tree. He loves when the sun beats in threw the window and it’s warm and cozy. Like I said earlier, there are many different opinions on how to decorate a Christmas tree. There is no right or wrong way, decorate with what you love! I usually try to start with a color or theme and then go from there when scouring the house for ornaments and decor. This year, I went in the complete opposite direction creating a fun colorful nostalgic Christmas tree and while it’s a big change from last year, I think it’s quiet charming ;). I will be sharing the entire room in our upcoming Christmas home tour. UPDATE: See full home tour here.

Disclosure: I was provided with gift cards from HomeGoods.  Of course, all opinions and words are 100% my own.

DIY Christmas Clothes Pin Wreath

Have you ever tried the Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape ? I recently created a fun DIY Christmas clothes pin wreath using their holiday tapes and oh my, it’s adorable. This is such an easy project and budget friendly. You can use any color scheme you want to coordinate with your existing holiday decor and to glam it up a bit, I added small ornaments to mine.

Diy Christmas Clothes pin wreath


DIY Clothes Pin Christmas Wreath

Supply list

Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape (holiday patterns/colors)

Scotch® Duct Tape (cherry red)

12″ floral craft ring

70 clothes pins

hot glue (optional)

ornaments (optional)


DIY Clothes Pin Christmas Wreath

Start by wrapping your floral ring with red Duct Tape.

DIY Clothes Pin Christmas Wreath

Next, clip your clothes pins around the ring.

DIY Clothes Pin Christmas Wreath

I used 3 different holiday Scotch® Expressions tapes. Green, green dots and red stripes. I alternated them to created an eclectic look.

DIY Clothes Pin Christmas Wreath

You will need to trim the edges of the tape unless your find larger clothes pins. Smaller fine cutting scissors work the best. You could also pre-cut your tape and add to the clothes pins first, then clip once taped. Either way will work.

DIY Clothes Pin Christmas Wreath

I used a 3M™ Command™ Hanging Strip to hang the wreath on our mirror. I glued 2 different colored ornaments around the wreath and that’s it! This would also look really cute as a table top centerpiece for a kids hot cocoa party or an party for that matter. You could add a few small glitter trees with faux snow in the middle or small potted greens and you would instantly add a touch of Christmas to your tabletop. This DIY Clothes Pin wreath is a quick and easy way to decorate a mirror, wall or tabletop for the upcoming holidays. There are so many different Scotch® Duct Tapes and Scotch® Expression Washi Tape colors and patters that the possibilities are endless. For more inspiration, be sure to check out their facebook, twitter and pinterest pages.

Happy wreath making!


I am proud to be a 3M- sponsored blogger, and, as part of my responsibilities, I get the opportunity to evaluate products from Scotch® Products. Opinions are my own and additional product used in the project were selected by me. All opinions and words are 100% my own.

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