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Organization in my son’s dresser {nasty!}

Project organization took place this weekend in our house. It wasn’t planned, it was a case of my son having a minor melt down because he never can find matching socks which made me have a bigger melt down because his dresser drawers are a nightmare. It’s a constant daily battle trying to get him organized and be able to get himself dressed without my help. So I decided to purchase a few inexpensive plastic kitchen organizers at Home Goods and use them inside his drawers to keep his things corralled in one place.

organization kids dresser drawer

Here is the before:

organization dresser drawer www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com

I emptied the drawers and lined them with shelf liner.

organization dresser drawer-2-2

Isn’t the shelf liner pretty?

organization dresser drawer-1

These plastic bins with a rubber bottom are perfect for drawers.

organization dresser drawer-2

I weeded through the socks and threw out the old and randoms ones.

organization dresser drawer-3

Now the drawers are organized. Yay!

organization dresser drawer-4

Plastic bins and small baskets are perfect for keeping smaller items in drawers organized. The plastic or wooden silverware organizers would be perfect for jewelry and cuff links. My husband said to me, “I need those for my drawers!” Don’t we all honey.

organization dresser drawer-5

This organization project was fairly quick and easy. Weeding through the old items and matching up the socks was the hardest part, but honestly it didn’t take long. I basically threw everything in the trash and as you can see, he needs a few new pairs :). Be sure to checkout our other organization projects from earlier this year, our craft drawer, pantry closet, bathroom closet, vanity and refrigerator organization project.

Daffodils centerpiece in our dining room

Would you believe me if I told you I finally removed the Christmas tray filled with candles from our dining room table? Last weekend I decided to make an Easter egg wreath for our front door but the rain and dampness was starting to destroy the wreath so I moved it inside and created a spring centerpiece using daffodils.

daffodils in our dining room



The wreath alone looked a little silly on the table so I headed to Home Depot and picked up these inexpensive daffodils for $2 each.

daffodils in our dining room

I wrapped 3 small vases with natural colored burlap to hide the black plastic planter that the daffodils sit in.

decorate with daffodils centerpiece


A very easy and simple way to add color to any spot in your home.

daffodils in our dining room

Be sure to check out our Easter egg wreath tutorial which only took 15 minutes to make. Simply add daffodils or any spring flowering bulb that you can find to a vase or even a basket and viola, you now have a cute springy centerpiece.

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Easter Egg wreath for under $20

Today I am sharing how to make an Easter egg wreath for under $20. I found these adorable pastel easter eggs a couple weeks ago at my local craft store and decided to use them to make a wreath. I originally planned on buying a new grapevine wreath but quickly realized, I didn’t want to spend $25 on a new one. I came home and searched my mom’s area in the storage room and found a wreath that she hadn’t used in years. I removed the old faux leaves and within 5 minutes, I had myself a free new wreath :). Don’t worry, I asked for her permission before I dismantled the sad looking wreath.

easter egg wreath

Items Needed:

Wispy grapevine wreath

White spray paint (optional)

Faux pussy willows

Faux Pastel Easter Eggs

Hot glue

Spray your grapevine wreath (optional) very lightly with white spray paint just to add a hint of white. Push individual pussy willow stems (you will need to cut each stem from the main bulk of pussy willows) inside the grapevine wreath and add a little glue to make them stay in place.

easter egg wreath

Continue around the wreath until you have the amount of pussy willows that you want. I used about 2 bags.

easter egg wreath

I followed the path of the wispy grapevine wreath.

easter egg wreath

Glue your faux eggs on the wreath spacing them accordingly.

easter egg wreath

This wreath took about 15 minutes to make, so easy!

easter egg wreath


easter egg wreath

What I love about this wreath is, it’s not overly Easter. Does that make sense? I am not really big on decorating for Easter, unless it is classic and simple. This Easter egg wreath is perfectly suited for our front door. I may even try it as a centerpiece on our dining room table :).

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How to sew a pillow {you did what with a skirt #shesentmewhat}

Today I am sharing how to sew a pillow but not without sharing a little background first on this project. A few weeks ago I was contacted by my friend Jen at Jen Rizzo, asking if I would like to participate in a fun “she sent me what?” blog hop party. At first, I was like, “you want me to do what?” She wanted me, along with 20 other bloggers to head to our local thrift store and purchase a random inexpensive item and mail it to another blogger. If you are coming from Uncommon Slice of Suburbia, welcome! Kristen sent me a beauty to work with ;).

how to sew a pillow {you did what with a skirt-1-2

Once I found out who I had to ship my thrifty find to, I knew it was time to have some fun:). Keep reading, you will see if I tortured her or not with the item I sent her. My item arrived from Kristin at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia and I was pleasantly surprised and a bit relieved to see a beautifully patterned orange skirt.

LOVED her adorable stationary she sent me with the sweetest note. She is a true rockstar..….

how to sew a pillow

She could have tortured me with some insane looking thrifty find, but she was kind!  My job, to now use this skirt to create something for our home. At first I was thinking, hmmm, maybe I could wear this but it was to big so a new pillow cover was what I decided to use the skirt for. Don’t forget, clothing can be cut and transformed into something beautiful.

how to sew a pillow

I cut the skirt apart, essentially removing the edges and creating a square. Pretend it’s just fabric you bought at your local fabric store.

how to sew a pillow

Once the fabric was cut, I placed the two square pieces on top of each other (the orange sides touching) and sewed a small hem around 3 sides leaving one side open so I could slide in a throw pillow.

how to sew a pillow

I added a christmas throw pillow inside my newly created pillow cover and realized, I didn’t have a zipper to close up my pillow cover! I decided to use sew on Velcro that worked perfectly!

how to sew a pillowIf sewing a zipper intimidates you, don’t worry, sew on velcro works great. I mean, it’s not professional by any stretch of the imagination but I am not a professional seamstress and never will be. Just be sure to sew a small hem on the fabric where you will be adding the velcro. Sew them hem first, then sew on the velcro. This way, once the velcro is sealed, your edge will look nice. As you can see in the image above, I forgot to sew my hem first and had to rip out all of my stitches on the velcro and then add my hem :(.

how to sew a pillow {you did what with a skirt-2

There you have it, a fun cute pillow that fits perfectly on our desk chair in the study.

how to sew a pillow {you did what with a skirt-3

So now that you know how to rip apart a skirt and how to sew a pillow, lets head over to see what I sent Beth from Home Stories A to Z. Do you think I was naughty or nice? It’s a beauty!

how to sew a pillow

Here is the entire list from start to finish of all the participating bloggers!

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How to make a wreath {spring hydrangea}

We are in the process of cleaning out from winter and making way for spring. Our foyer and mudroom area are in the process of being cleaned from the winter snow boots and rock salt from the driveway. One of the easiest ways to prepare for spring is to add a fun bright wreath to your door or wall. The question, how to make a wreath can be easily answered by gathering any outdoor elements you love or purchasing faux flowers from your local craft store and adding them to a grapevine or foam wreath.

how to make a wreath {spring hydrangea}-9

I used a grapevine wreath that was in our storage room and purchased faux hydrangeas and greens from Michaels Crafts. I am not a big fan of faux flowers but many times if you layer 3 or more different types, it looks less faux. I always just choose greens I love. I used a 50% off coupon so I was able to purchase the more expensive ones which usually look less faux to me.

how to make a wreath spring hydrangeaI snipped the greens using a wire cutter and fastened with crafting wire. I also purchased a large letter “B” from Michaels and painted it a fun bright coral color. I used hot glue to fasten the letter.

how to make a wreath spring hydrangea

The beautiful thing about a grapevine wreath is you can just push the stem of the flower inside the wreath. You will need to wrap the green wire around the greens and tie on the back side.

how to make a wreath {spring hydrangea}-9

That’s it! Super easy and quick.

how to make a wreath spring hydrangea

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to making a wreath. This spring wreath took almost 30 minutes to make and it looks fabulous hanging over the shelf in our mudroom. If you are looking for more ideas on how to make a wreath, be sure to check out our fall hydrangea wreath.

How to paint a door {interior door makeover}

Our family room  was painted almost two years ago and for some reason, I never painted the door leading to our porch. It’s a traditional steel door with a full glass window. Many people over look painting the interior part of their door and honestly, I did as well. How to paint a door is simple and a quick and easy way to add color to a space.


When 3M asked if I would be willing to share a paint project using their fabulous painters tape plastic, I knew painting the door in our family room was the perfect project.

How to paint a door {interior door makeover}

The back door, as you can see, is scuffed and a bit dirty from everyday life but more so from our two large dogs. The dogs tend to scratch at the door and the bull mastiff loves to wipe his slobbery face all over the door.

How to paint a door {interior door makeover}

So lets get painting.

Items needed:

ScotchBlue™ Pre-taped Painters Plastic (24”)

3M Scotch Blue Painters Tape for Multi-Surface with Edge-Lock™ Paint Line Protector ( 1 inch )

3M 180/fine sand paper



How to paint a door {interior door makeover}

I had never used the pre-taped painter’s plastic before and I must say, it works like a charm.

How to paint a door {interior door makeover}

I taped the plastic right up close to the door on the carpet and simply pulled the plastic outward to extend over the carpet.

How to paint a door {interior door makeover}

The plastic is folded up nicely underneath and all you do is pull it out.

How to paint a door {interior door makeover}

I wanted the blue taped portion snug right up against the door so I ended up doing two layers of plastic because the door has a small indent.

How to paint a door {interior door makeover}

If you have ever painted close to the carpet, you know the importance of ensuring that the carpet is covered, even in the tiny cracks. Paint on carpet is never a good thing :(. This pre taped plastic is perfect for those tiny small areas.  I used ScotchBlue™ Painters Tape for Multi-Surface with Edge-Lock™ Paint Line Protector to tape off the window, door knob and hinges and used 3M 180/fine sandpaper to soften the scratches as well as remove the grim.

How to paint a door {interior door makeover}

I decided that a dark gray color would look nice against the Wythe Blue on the walls. I also used a semi gloss finish because the door is used on a regular basis and needs to be cleaned often. If you don’t want a shiny finish, a satin or egg shell may be a better option. I find that semi gloss cleans up easily and always looks fresh and clean, especially on a door.

How to paint a door {interior door makeover}

If you take the time to do the proper prep work, the painting part is so much easier. I also used a painters tarp to cover the remaining part of the carpet. Like I said, paint on carpet is not good.

How to paint a door {interior door makeover}

Such an improvement, don’t you think?

How to paint a door {interior door makeover}

Why didn’t I do this soon? I love the gray color against the wide pine planks and blue/green wall.

painting interior back door makeover-13

Painting an interior door is really one of the simplest ways to add a pop of color in an unexpected place. My dad said, “what was wrong with the white door?” There was nothing wrong with the white door but I must say, I love having a color now on the door. This post on how to paint a door was sponsored by 3M. All opinions and words are 100% my own. I am ready to tackle painting the rest of our interior doors fun bright colors :).

I am proud to be a 3M- sponsored blogger, and, as part of my responsibilities, I get the opportunity to evaluate new products from 3M DIY. I was compensated for this post. All opinions and words are 100% my own. Be sure to checkout 3M on their facebook, pinterest and twitter accounts.

February DIY Projects + Media Features

February was full of DIY projects focusing on organization and a couple live interviews with the Huffington Post about multigenerational living. It was a busy month! Our multigenerational living arrangement is on the rise more so as time goes by.  Last month was the biggest month ever since I started blogging for emails from you, regarding our living arrangement and how many of you are planning to do the same thing in the near future. There are pretty crazy and interesting things going on behind the scenes over here regarding our family. Nothing has been solidified yet but I am hoping to share some news soon.

DIY project organization Kitchen Pantry

Container Store food storage containers kitchen pantry makeover

Resource List for Pantry

february diy projects organizational

february diy projects organizational

Refrigerator Organization Project

Huffington Post video 4 generations under one roof

Huffington Post 

huffington post live 4 generations under one roof

Huffington Post 

This isn’t really a DIY project but many of you emailed saying how much you loved seeing my mom’s plants and her part of the house :).

The best house plants

Mom’s House Plants

February was a busy month for DIY projects, organizing and learning how to do live streaming interviews with the Huffington Post. It’s amazing the technology these days. We also introduced our dinner ideas and recipes in the month of February. I was SHOCKED at how many of you emailed saying you love seeing what we eat! ha. I never thought sharing our dinner ideas and how we handle dinner time would be so popular. We are adding a new page to the blog called “our kitchen” soon. I’ll be sharing a few of the favorites tomorrow on the blog. Enjoy your weekend!

Organize Your Refrigerator {best storage containers}

We have another month or so of cold weather so I plan on wrapping up our indoor organizing projects soon. I am anxious to get outside and do something different! A couple weeks ago I shared our kitchen pantry reveal and our organized refrigerator using food storage containers. Today I am sharing the best storage containers to organize your refrigerator.

organize your refrigerator best storage containers

For us, the kid’s drinks and snacks were the biggest problem. I found that the long narrow storage containers with built in handles worked perfectly from The Container Store (#2) and the baskets from Home Goods (#1) are large enough for fruit other food items.

organize your refrigerator

The narrow containers with the juice boxes and apple sauce are called fridge binz.

organize your refrigerator

The soda can dispenser keeps the soda organized and the boxes out of the refrigerator. This dispenser holds two 12 pks of soda but you can purchase a single one of this is to big. It does take up a bit of space so keep that in mind if you go with this size. I am actually going to raise the shelf above the dispenser so I can utilize the tray on top of the dispenser to have more room for left overs ect.

refrigerator storage containers graphic.

Are you ready to organize your refrigerator yet? Food storage containers are a great way to keep your refrigerator organized. Many of you have commented on why our honey is in the refrigerator. I giggled when I read that because it’s actually an experiment my 7 year old is doing to see how thick it will get. We don’t eat it, it’s pretty gross and thick right now :).

Hello Organization Refrigerator Makeover

January and February have been declared the organizational months for us here at Four Generations One Roof. So far we have organized one of our bath closets, bath cabinet, kitchen pantry, craft dresser and now our refrigerator. Some are probably giggling about our organization refrigerator makeover but I’m telling you, it makes a difference! We have never used bins and storage containers in our refrigerator and I’m asking myself now, why didn’t I do this before?

Organization Refrigerator Makeover

Our refrigerator prior was a mess. Kids drinks, snacks and a variety of food were items strewn everywhere.

Organization Refrigerator Makeover

I removed “everything” from the refrigerator, washed the walls, the shelves and drawers and oh my, it felt good to clean this thing! I disposed of all the expired food and condiments and started fresh. I used plastic storage pull out bins for the juice boxes, jello, pudding and other smaller snacks. Can I just tell you, disposing of the cardboard boxes that the food comes in (yogurts ect.) prior to putting in your refrigerator is the biggest tip I can give you.

Organization Refrigerator Makeover

The pull out bins are perfect for deep narrow cabinets or a refrigerator. I used the same ones in our pantry makeover as well as a few I picked up at Home Goods. My dad said to me, “that is so time consuming to remove the food from the boxes and have to put in a container.” I said, “Really? What difference does it make if you throw the box away prior to using or once the food is gone?” He laughed at me and told me I was crazy.  Well guess what, he is loving how my refrigerator looks and he said, “so when are you going to do your mother’s and my refrigerator?” haha. We have two refrigerators so needless to say, you will most likely see another refrigerator makeover soon.

Organization Refrigerator Makeover

I love that the smaller snack items are corralled in one spot and stay in one spot!

Organization Refrigerator Makeover

Here is another shot of the refrigerator before.

Organization Refrigerator Makeover

One of the biggest problems we had was the soda boxes being stacked on top of each other. My son was always knocking them off and the cans would be everywhere. The empty soda boxes were always left in the refrigerator and to me, that meant we still had soda. You would think that if someone took the last can, they would dispose of the box. Oh no, not in our house. NOW, I know when I need to buy more soda :).

Organization Refrigerator Makeover

My husband drinks soda like it’s water. I know, it’s not healthy but that’s his thing. Soda!

Organization Refrigerator Makeover

I love the soda organizer.

Organization Refrigerator Makeover

Having two containers for fruit is ideal because it’s so easy now for my son to pull out the bin and get his own snack.

Organization Refrigerator Makeover

It was amazing how much room was gained in the refrigerator by disposing of expired salad dressings and other condiments! There is now room on the door for juices and other items. I absolutely LOVE our organization refrigerator makeover and I highly recommend removing everything and starting fresh with storage containers. You won’t regret the hour or two it takes to get it organized :).

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Our Container Store Food Storage Containers {resource list}

Last week we shared our newly created kitchen pantry {closet} and many of you commented and emailed asking the container names and cost. I decided it would be easier to create a resource list for the pantry sharing all of the links to which items we used. The Container Store has a variety of food storage containers in all sizes and shapes. You literally could spend hours in the store. It’s one of my favorite places to shop :).

Kitchen pantry resource list

Container Store food storage containers

So here we go!

Container Store food storage containers kitchen pantry makeover

1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. / 7.

* I had a small plastic lazy susan (where the baking sprinkles are) but you can purchase one here if you need one. I also had the baskets prior to this project but they are from the Container Store as well.  See #7.

The container Store food pantry reveal food storage containers

1.  {4″ bin}

The Container Store food storage bins

1.  {I removed the covers}

The rack on the door is by closet maid and it was purchased last year for another project that never got finished. It screws to the door (it’s not an over the top door rack) and we bought it at Home Depot. The Container Store also sells a similar version. It is perfect for storing granola bars and smaller snacks. The food bins definitely keep them organized!

The container Store food storage

I was not paid to write this post by the Container Store, I just love their store and the food storage containers have worked magic in our new kitchen pantry. The snacks are organized and I actually can see what is needed to the grocery store as opposed to just buying what I think we need. Whether you have a cabinet or a closet where you keep your food, try using food storage containers to keep food organized and reachable.

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