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Quick coffee table decorating ideas

Last week while I was in our local HomeGoods, I came across this adorable geometric coffee table. It actually could serve as a side table as well but I am currently trying it out in our family room as a coffee table. When Laura from Finding Home asked if I wanted to share a quick 10 minute decorating idea, I knew just the thing! This is really a 3 minute decorating idea but you get the point right?

10 minute quick coffee table decorating idea This small square coffee table is a nice change from the long rectangular industrial styled coffee table that was in the spot up until last week.

10 minute coffee table decorating idea

Is this table lovely? It was a steal for $54.

10 minute coffee table decorating idea

What do you put on your coffee table? I won’t lie, we occasionally have the ugly stuff on our coffee table as well, like remotes and whatever gathers there! ha

10 minute coffee table decorating ideas

Coffee table decorating ideas can be extravagant or simple. I always opt for simple. Four accessories consisting of two decorative books, a pretty pottery bowl and gold colored vase filler. A quick coffee table update that took under 10 minutes. Be sure to hop over to see Laura and be inspired by her 10 minute coffee table styling ideas.

Framing a New Shed {the walls are up!}

The new shed is coming along nicely and last weekend we starting framing the shed. As I mentioned earlier in the week, we are in need of additional outdoor storage and this small addition will certainly help. My dad isn’t a big fan of helping me inside the house with renovation work but he LOVES to build sheds. I think it’s because his “stuff” gets to go inside the shed. So here we go, the framing process begins.

how to frame a shed

We already had an existing cement floor so we created a frame (which we nailed to the cement) using pressure treated 2×4’s.

Framing the new shed -2

The shed is directly off of our family room which already has a nice storage area beneath. My mom has that space packed with everything from when we were kids. I don’t know why she still has it but she insists on keeping it. Do any of your keep things that long?

Framing the new shed -3


We eventually will tear down the trellis that my dad built a few years ago. At one point there was a fence that ran across the yard to the pool area which has since been removed and the trellis looks out of place now that the fence is gone.

Framing the new shed -5

In a matter of a couple hours, we had the floor framed and the walls up.

Framing the new shed -6

My grandmother watched out the window because she had no idea what we were doing. She is short and can barely see out the window and all I could see was her little white boofy head yelling, “what are you doing down there!?” ;)

Framing the new shed -7Using 2×4’s and 2×10’s (for the side walls along the ground) we created a frame for the shed walls which will be added soon. All this for a little o’l lawn mower. My dad tends to go big when he builds so I am hoping to gain a little piece of the new shed for some of my toys but I am not sure how that will go over. Everyone in the house is trying to claim the extra space as “their own” but my dad quickly is putting a stop to that. He already told my mom not to get any bright ideas about putting her stuff in it. ;)


Our Portico Reveal {curb appeal}

The portico is done! During the summer I shared our stages of how we were building a portico in an effort to add curb appeal and a bit of architectural detail to the front of our home. When my parents purchased the home almost 30 years ago, the square footage was around 2000. Over the years it has more than tripled and the sad tiny original portico never grew. It’s surroundings did….but “it” didn’t. Finally, my dad addressed the issue when he replaced the 30 year old front door this past summer. Our friends over atWayfair have joined in the fun and sent us some fabulous items to add the finishing touches to our new portico.

How to add curb appeal with a new DIY portico design at your front entry. Must see the before image.

Keep reading, you need to the before!

Our New Portico - curb appeal reveal. Must see the before!


new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

We completely ripped out the front door and the existing portico.

new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

 Like, see you later alligator ;) .

new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

We completely covered the stairs with new Trex decking (see here) which is maintenance free and so pretty! The walkway is in need of being replaced as well but we haven’t quite figured out what to do with it. Ideally, jack hammering it up and laying brick would be my choice but that would be costly so that topic is for another day. Baby steps right?

new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

The gorgeous indoor/outdoor fabric rope basket and wheat colored tweed rug from Wayfair coordinated perfectly and guess what, that basket looks fabulous with a flowering mum inside. You would just need to remove the plant before watering. It’s so pretty!

new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

We added new house numbers and solar flood lights. I still have some touch up work to do but I am thrilled that my part in the project is just about finished!

new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

My grandfather was hovering over with his cane asking why I didn’t rake the leaves for the picture. I said, “it’s fall gramp, there are suppose to be leaves on the ground!”

new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

We added new planters as well on either side of the step. Giant flowering mums added the final “wow” factor that this portico needed. I love that the planters are versatile and will be perfect for the changing seasons.

new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

A much needed improvement right?

new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

Two things I must have,  my phone and Dunkin Donuts ice coffee. DD coffee is my weakness. My grandfather and I always head to DD to get coffee together. He loves it too!

new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

We still need to do some landscaping around the portico and front walkway but that will come later on next year. Be sure to check out our painted bench tutorial as shown below. The bench was tired and very worn looking from the outdoor elements and in matter of 2 hours, it came back to life. Red paint will do that!

new portico- curb appeal reveal: must see before

Building a portico was probably one of the best investments we made to boost our curb appeal. The next step is to add shutters. It’s amazing how this larger structure, new decor, substantial planters and solar ground lighting have dramatically increased the architectural detail and changed the look completely of the front of our home. My mom has wanted shutters for about 20 years so hopefully that gets completed next year! Be sure to head over to Wayfair to see more curb appeal and fall decorating ideas.

Disclosure: I was provided with complimentary products from Wayfair. All opinion and words are 100% my own.

Cute DIY Halloween Pumpkin {30 minutes}

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by an editor from the Clinton Kelly team. Many of you may already know who Clinton is but for those of you who don’t, he currently has his own TV show called The Chew. It’s on ABC during the week and on the east coast, it airs at 1pm. Anyway, he just launched his amazing new website featuring everything from food, fashion, home and DIY.  They asked if I would like to participate in the Clinton Kelly’s 30-Minute Pumpkin Challenge and of course, I said yes.  So we created this cute diy halloween pumpkin featuring the naughty witch cooking in the cauldron. hehe

How to make a DIY Pumpkin with witch legs in under 30 minutes. Quick and easy halloween craft and perfect for any tabletop. This would be fabulous coordinated at a beverage station during a party.


Cute DIY Halloween Pumpkin in 30 minutes or less

The baby pumpkins are freaked out to say the least.

fun diy halloween pumpkin in 30 minutes or less + tutorial

To create this look, you will need a pair of halloween socks, polyfiber fill or paper towels (to fill the socks), stickers, faux large pumpkin, googly eyes and white spray paint.

fun diy halloween pumpkin in 30 minutes or less + tutorial  Simply cut the stem off a faux pumpkin.

cute diy halloween pumpkin 30 minutes or less + tutorial

Once the top was removed, I spray painted the pumpkin white and filled my socks. I also decided to add a bit of the polyfill (you can get polyfill in any craft store) around the top of the pumpkin to create a boiling smokey look. I mean, she is cooking right? ;)

cute diy halloween pumpkin 30 minutes or less + tutorial

I saw this cute saying at Michaels on a sign and thought it would be perfect for the front of our halloween pumpkin. There are so many fun stickers to choose from, these ended up perfect for a fun halloween look. I added a witch hat to pumpkin from HomeGoods and he was good to go.

cute diy halloween pumpkin 30 minutes or less + tutorial Do you like my shoes? They fit her perfectly!

cute diy halloween pumpkin 30 minutes or less + tutorial


My husband came home from work the other day and said, “oh, is that mommy in the cauldron?” haha. He thinks he is pretty funny. I think this would be perfect for a kid halloween party situated at the beverage station. Imagine a punch bowl filled with apple cider and these cute guys there on display. Thank you to Clinton for inviting me, along with a few other bloggers to this fun pumpkin challenge.  You can find more amazing ideas on clintonkelly.com. You can also make your own 30 minute challenge pumpkin and post it on Instagram using the following hashtags: #pumpkinchallenge #pumpkins #30minpumpkin. Tag @clintonkellyofficial with your crafts and he will regram his favorites!

PS. I saw Clinton’s pumpkin creation last week and I have to admit, I busted out laughing ;). The look on his dog was priceless.

Linking to TidyMom

How to paint a red bench {bench makeover}

Today I am sharing how to paint a bench with a sprayer. Last week I had the pleasure of trying out the HomeRight Finish Max Pro Fine Finish Sprayer. We had a bench that we purchased a few years ago from HomeGoods and it was looking a little tired so I decided to give it a fresh new look with a high gloss exterior red paint.

how to paint a red bench

First, clean and lightly sand to prepare the bench for paint. The sprayer is incredibly easy to assemble and took about 1 minute. So simple!

how to paint a red bench + DIY tutorial

The spray is so fine you can’t even see it which makes it almost impossible to overspray and create drips.

how to paint a red bench + DIY tutorial

I sprayed with long even strokes back and forth creating a thin first layer.

how to paint a red bench + DIY tutorial

I don’t paint a lot of furniture but I may now! The finish on this bench is professional and smooth and I asked myself a couple times during this project, why haven’t I done this before!

how to paint a red bench + DIY tutorial

Because the paint spray is so fine, it dries in minutes. I ended up applying 3 coats to get the finished look I wanted. I didn’t prime prior as the exterior paint had a built in primer.

how to paint a red bench + DIY tutorial


So cool right?

how to paint a red bench + DIY tutorial

I absolutely LOVE how our bench came out and the sprayer, well it’s my new BFF. My grandfather loves to paint and create wooden gifts in his workshop and he has already claimed the rights to use this whenever he wants ;).

how to paint a red bench + DIY tutorial using a paint sprayer

Isn’t it beautiful?

how to paint a red bench + DIY tutorial using a paint sprayerThe bench sits under a large tree in our front yard and I think my mom has found a new spot to sit and enjoy the scenery.

how to paint a red bench + diy tutorial using a paint sprayer

This little worn and tired bench went from drab to fab in a matter of two hours and that included drying time and me eating lunch! Bright red is perfect for fall as well as the upcoming Christmas season. Do you have an outdoor bench, chair or rocker perhaps that needs a little TLC? Don’t be afraid to paint it a fabulous bright color. You will be amazed at how you can liven up an outdoor space with a new “old” furniture piece. Thank you to HomeRight for letting me share with all of you how to paint with a sprayer. It’s a rockstar for sure! ;)

Disclaimer: I was provided with a complimentary HomeRight Finish Max Pro Fine Finish Sprayer and compensated for this post. Rest assured, all opinions and words are 100% my own. 

Gorgeous Front Door Fall Basket Hanger

My friend has the prettiest country home and made this gorgeous fall front door basket hanger. Need to add a little seasonal curb appeal and don’t have much time? Try this! In about 5 minutes, she filled a basket full of faux seasonal flowers and branches and viola, her front door looks gorgeous!

gorgeous front door fall basket

Here the is the door before.

gorgeous fall front door basket hanger

When decorating your front door for fall, try adding pumpkins above the door if you have the appropriate space.

gorgeous fall front door hanging basket

Simply use a flat back basket, one like this (although this may be to small) and fill with decorative fall branches or flower pieces you love. These fillers came from Michaels.

gorgeous fall front door basket hanger

Do you see who photo bombed the picture? Look closely, it’s Leo!

gorgeous fall front door basket hanger

Creating a gorgeous front door can be simple and easy. It doesn’t need to take hours to create! Thanks so my friend Stephanie for letting me share her fall basket creation with you! Looking for more front door fall inspiration? Be sure to check out this amazing fall front door round up from last week. Stay tuned this week, I will be sharing a sitting space and patio vignette that we created in under 10 minutes as well. It’s so cute!

Gorgeous front door fall decorating ideas

DIY Fall Pumpkin Planter

This project I am sharing today is the easiest project on the planet. Only have 10 minutes to decorate, well this will work for you! A quick and easy 10 minute fall decorating idea that involves a pumpkin, a knife and a plant!  It’s that easy! Laura at Finding Home created this fun blogger series a month ago and will run through the holidays.

DIY Fall Pumpkin Planter 10 minute decorating idea

So what can you do with 10 minutes and a pumpkin?

diy pumpkin planter fall decorating ideas 10 minutes or less

Try this!

DIY Fall Pumpkin Planter

1. Cut the stem off your pumpkin.

DIY Fall Pumpkin Planter 10 minute decorating idea

2. Clean it out.

DIY Fall Pumpkin Planter 10 minute decorating idea

3. Drop a mum inside!

DIY Fall Pumpkin Planter 10 minute decorating idea

Pretty easy right? I am working on a curb appeal project so I can’t share the rest of this image below but as you can see, you just place the planter inside. You can even cut some holes in the bottom for drainage. My parents are away on a tour of the mid-west and I am hoping to get this front entry decorated before my mom gets home as a surprise. My dad won’t even notice but my momma will! :)

DIY Fall Pumpkin Planter 10 minute decorating idea

Sneak peek of our fall front entry.

DIY Fall Pumpkin Planter 10 minute decorating idea

Need more inspiration? Be sure to check out my friends over at

Faucet Handle Velvet Pumpkins from Finding Home


Frugal Fall Flowers from Inspired by Charm


Gold Studded Pumpkin from Not Just a Housewife


Fall Leaf Art from I Heart Organizing


Thistlewood Farms

thistlewood wood block fall banner

So do tell, what 10 minute fall decorating projects are you working on? This DIY pumpkin planter was simple and I love how the mum looks inside. Thank you Laura for this fun series and I can’t wait to see what fall ideas you all have! Yay for FALL decorating that is quick, easy and pretty!

Linking to Tidy Mom’s “I’m lovin party”

DIY Watering Can Flower Pot

Today I am sharing a quick and easy way to create a DIY flower pot. Need a fun element to add to your front door or entry, a watering can is a perfect planter! If you don’t love the color of your existing watering can you can spray paint it. Just be sure to use outdoor spray paint if  your planter is outside.

DIY flower pot watering can

DIY watering can flower pot

This is super easy and can be done with just about any container.

DIY watering can flower pot

Using a drill bit, drill drainage holes in the bottom.

DIY watering can flower pot

Choose your favorite flower and you are done!

DIY watering can flower pot

You can plant the soil inside the flower pot or just simply plop it inside like I did.

DIY watering can flower pot

It looks great in our foyer and I love the fall wreath as a base.

The complimentary sunflower and fall grass wreath from Wayfair was the perfect size, almost like it was meant for this flower pot. I love when that happens! Be sure to check back tomorrow morning because the Finding Fall Home Tour starts with 20+ bloggers plus Better Homes and Gardens. Our fall home tour will be up tomorrow first thing, see you then!

How to create a shelf fall vignette

We added the cutest shelf last year in our family room and it’s proving to be a fabulous spot to create fun seasonal vignettes. Today I am finishing up decorating our home for the Finding Fall Home Tour that starts Monday and thought I would share how to create a shelf fall vignette with you. This little guy took all of five minutes to create and boy, it makes a great impact in our family room.

how to create a shelf fall vignette

You can find out how to build a shelf here.

how to create a shelf fall vignette

The tutorial is super easy and shouldn’t take you long. I used a wreath I found Home Goods and simply tipped a basket upside down to create a spot for the cute little pumpkins.

How to create a shelf fall vignetteYou  could also just skip the basket and use a long skinny wooden box of some sort or just place the pumpkins on the shelf. Simple and pretty!

How to create a shelf fall vignette

Not to0 shabby for five minutes right?

How to create a shelf fall vignette


Many times I look at pictures for inspiration and I get so overwhelmed with all the details. Life seems so busy right now and it’s difficult to keep up. So I decided this year not to fuss with so many details and go for “simple and pretty”.  Stay tuned for Monday, we will be sharing our fall home tour!

DIY Lattice Privacy Screen {hide garbage can}

My dad, gramps and I had a little fun last weekend creating a DIY lattice privacy screen to hide our garbage can and camper hookup supplies out at the lake. Our camping experience this summer  has proven to be a home run so we will be continuing the seasonal trend next year as well. Hence, all the work we have been doing out there! When 3M DIY asked if I would like to create a DIY project that could be used outside, I knew just the project.

Need to hide your garbage? Try this DIY lattice privacy screen. Step by step visual tutorial that can be completed in an afternoon.

The back of our camper faces the road and prior to the screen, showed all the hoses, camper hookup supplies and random items. This was the first thing I saw when I pulled in and the first thing I saw as I would leave! It drove me crazy!

 diy lattice privacy screen hide garbage can

Seriously, who wants to look at a poopy hose when you pull in to your driveway? Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s a necessity when you have a camper but certainly, it needs to be hidden!

diy lattice privacy screen hide garbage

As you can see, we made a cute little DIY privacy screen to conceal the garbage can and hoses.

Supply List:

3M™ Safety Products glasses (clear and/or sunglasses) & Digital WorkTunes™ Hearing Protector

3M™ Advanced Abrasives SandBlaster™ Pro Sanding Sheet (medium grit)

3M™ Safe Release™ Painter’s Tape

5 1×8 pressure treated boards cut to 36″ long (base/floor)

3 2×4 pressure treated boards (base) cut to 36″

1 lattice piece cut to 36″ wide x 42″ high

8 1×4’s to create lattice screen (cut to size)

Heavy duty stainless steel deck screws to create base

4″ toggle (heavy duty wood screws) to assemble screen to base

You can either cut your wood yourself or simply ask your local hardware department to cut it for you. Just be sure to bring your measurements with you. Most stores will do this for you as long as you purchase your lumber from them. The 3M safety glasses in the sunglass version are actually pretty cool looking and I found them easy to see through!

diy lattice privacy screen hide garbage can

Did you know that the earmuffs above “work-tunes” is an am/fm radio and hearing protection all in one? They are light weight and comfortable.

Place your 3 2×4’s on a table and lay your 5 1×8 boards across as shown below. Note: we needed to cut about 1/2 inch off one of the 1×8’s to obtain the correct width. These measurements are to make a 36×42 lattice privacy screen. You will cut your wood to whatever dimension you desire.

diy lattice privacy screen hide garbage can Once I was sure that they were all the correct length, I fastened the 1×8’s one at a time to the 2×4’s underneath using heavy duty stainless steel deck screws.

diy lattice privacy screen hide garbage can-1-4 Screw the boards slowly carefully and be sure to wear your safety glasses.

 diy lattice privacy screen hide garbage can

Trust me when I tell you, this is not a hard project. As you can see, all you are doing is screwing the 1×8’s to the base 2×4’s.

 diy lattice privacy screen hide garbage can

Now that your base is complete, it’s time to assemble the lattice screen. Depending on what size privacy screen you are making, you may need to cut your screen with a skill saw. Always ensure that your safety eyewear is on. The vinyl pieces of the lattice fly everywhere!

diy lattice privacy screen hide garbage can

Once your lattice is cut, you need to “sandwich” it between the 1×8 boards cut to size around the lattice. You will screw both sides to ensure stability.

 diy lattice privacy screen hide garbage can

My gramps was quite impressed with the Digital WorkTunes™ Hearing Protector and safety glasses as well. He likes to feel like he’s helping and he does so by barking out orders! ha

Take a guess how old his shirt is? It’s almost as old as him!

 diy lattice privacy screen hide garbage can

Once you have your lattice screen completed, you need to attach it to your base.

diy lattice privacy screen hide garbage canLooking good right? My dad’s version of a pout face. He is totally annoyed with me at this point due to the amount of pictures I have been taking. This project took about 3.5 hours to complete but he insists , I added on an extra hour because of the pictures. ha . He might be right ;).

diy lattice privacy screen hide garbage can 

Place your screen in front of your base and fasten with heavy duty wood “toggle” screws. We also reinforced with the decking screws as well.

 diy lattice privacy screen hide garbage can

Those black screws are the toggle wood screws. Most of them will come with the screw gun adapter so you can simply fasten them quickly.

 diy lattice privacy screen hide garbage can-16

 See below, the big black toggle screws as well as the decking screws. This guy is NEVER falling apart!

 diy lattice privacy screen hide garbage can-16

Because this is a stand alone piece and we didn’t have a place to fasten it to, we decide to add side braces cut on a 45 degree angle to each side. This prevents the screen from falling forward and getting top heavy.

diy lattice privacy screen hide garbage can-16I used a medium grit 3M sanding sheet to smooth out the edges prior to staining. I added two coats of a cedar colored stain and 2 coats of an off white stain to cover the old lattice piece we had laying around. I did spray paint a coat of white primer on the vinyl lattice prior to adding the off white stain. The primer will help the stain adhere to the vinyl and prevent chipping.

 diy lattice privacy screen hide garbage can-16

I used the 3M™ Safe Release™ Painter’s Tape to ensure a clean edge where the lattice met the wood. It’s so much easier to take 5 extra minutes and tape the edges.

diy lattice privacy screen hide garbage can-16 What do you think? Not bad for a couple hours right?

how to make lattice privacy screen garbage can -3

The garbage can fits perfectly and the privacy screen hides the poopy hose from the driveway!

how to make lattice privacy screen garbage can -4 So much more appealing!

 how to make lattice privacy screen garbage can -5

We did spruce up the area by spreading a yard of new stone and adding a few new planters. The summer season is almost over but the beautiful thing about this DIY lattice privacy screen is you can use it year round. It’s constructed of pressure treated wood so it will do fine in the natural outdoor elements and you can certainly use something like this at your home as well. I mean, we all have a garbage can or two right? I am sure if you think about it, you could find many purposes for this cute little screen and for a couple hours of your time, that bang is pretty good for your buck. This project cost under $125 which was mostly in materials.

I am proud to be a 3M DIY Website sponsored blogger, and, as part of my responsibilities, I get the opportunity to evaluate products from 3M DIY . Opinions are my own and additional product used in the project were selected by me. I was compensated for this post however, all words and opinions are 100% my own. Be sure to visit the  3M DIY Instagram , 3M DIY Facebook , 3M DIY Twitter  and 3M DIY Pinterest for promotions and more DIY inspiration.

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