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Favorite DIY Home Projects {July}

July flew by and before I knew it, the month was over. I cannot believe school will be back in session in a few short weeks. In addition to a few fun diy home projects, we vacationed on Cape Cod.  August will be a bit slower with regards to home projects. We are headed to Lake Winnepessaukee in a few weeks and my grandparents wedding vow renewal ceremony will be happening as well. Oh and my dad decided to rip apart the front of the house while I was in Atlanta last week attending a blog conference. We are installing a new front door as well as new front steps. Yay! You can see the front door below in the mailbox post. The roof will also be enlarged with round columns and we are adding shutters to the windows. Finally, after 28 years they are adding shutters to the house. My mom is pretty excited!

July favorite diy home projects collage.jpg

How to make a mailbox

favorite diy home projects july

Easy summer update – Foyer

favorite diy home projects july

Pool House Makeover – DIY planked walls + reupholstery

favorite diy home projects july

DIY Ice Cream Social – how to

favorite diy projects july

How to reupholster a couch

favorite diy projects july

Another month of DIY home projects, I cannot believe how fast time goes by. I think my favorite project for July was our pool house makeover. It’s nice to actually have a space near the pool that is comfortable and clean! ha. Hoping to enjoy August and slow down for these last few weeks and enjoy some family time. If you missed any of our previous months projects, be sure to visit our home and projects page. Happy August everyone!

How to reupholster a couch “no sew”

Today I am sharing how to reupholster a couch. Last year I shared the most insane project I have ever done, a DIY couch. I sawzalled an existing couch in half and removed two feet and then assembled it back together finishing it off with new upholstery. A couple weekends ago, I decided to reupholster it again with an old Pottery Barn slip cover that was in the bottom of my closet.

how to reupholster a couch

how to reupholster a couch-

The before upholstery looked like this:

how to reupholster a couch- In case you are new to our blog, this is what the couch looked like after I sawzalled it in half.

how to reupholster a couch

Kind of crazy right? Well this little o’l couch is getting a new look, again.

Do you love the look of slip covers but hate all the wrinkles and mess? The one piece slip covers that you buy as is are beautiful as long as you don’t sit on the furniture.

Do you know what I am talking about?

They come in one size and usually, you have excessive amounts of fabric tucked everywhere. Drives me crazy! So my solution was to re-use the existing large one piece slip cover and cut it to size and staple/nail it to the couch.

First, drape your slip cover over your piece of furniture.

how to reupholster a couch-

Next, cut the excessive fabric (on the floor) off but be sure to not cut the pleated part. You will want to save the pleated part to re-staple to the couch along the bottom edge.

how to reupholster a couch-

Now it’s time to cut out the middle piece. I decided to cut straight across being sure to leave enough fabric to cover the back and sides of the couch.

how to reupholster a couch-

Don’t worry, this works!

how to reupholster a couch-

Now, simply tuck your fabric and staple with your hand powered staple gun. I used a compressor and heavy duty staple gun with 1/4″ staples. Be sure to staple to the wood part/frame of the couch.

how to reupholster a couch-

Try to staple as close to the bottom and up underneath in order to hide the staple.

how to reupholster a couch-

how to reupholster a couch-

I cut a piece of fabric (from the slip cover excess) to cover the front and stapled. I chose to leave the arms of the couch “loose” simply because I wanted a casual look. You can always staple the fabric around the arms to give it a more tailored look. It just depends what look you want. The staple gun is at your disposal! If you make a mistake or don’t like it, just get a hammer and screw driver and pry out the staple. No biggie.

how to reupholster a couch-

Don’t worry about getting it perfect. You will be able to cover the edges with the existing pleated skirt that you cut off earlier. See below how how stapled the skirt back on the couch. This gives the couch a finished look.

how to reupholster a couch-

I tried to staple where the staples wouldn’t be seen but a couple do show. You can purchase roping or ribbon in the fabric store and use stitch witchery to adhere to the slipcover if you want to hide the staples. For me, they are hardly noticeable.

how to reupholster a couch-

Of course if you want it perfect, you will need to invest hundreds of dollars and pay to have it professionally reupholstered. For me, that wasn’t an option. I think the couch recovered in a camel covered slip cover fits right in with our newly renovated modern cottage pool house.

how to reupholster a couch

how to reupholster a couch

For the cushion, I used the remaining fabric that I had cut off in the beginning and sewed the ends together and used velcro to close the seam. I ran out of zippers and velcro is what I had so that is what I used. I may sew a zipper on the cushion cover at some point.

how to reupholster a couch- The beautiful thing about this reupholstery project, I re-used a slip cover that cost over $300 and I can now sit on this couch without the fabric moving and looking messy. In my book, it was successful. A fresh new look for a couch that use to be two feet longer for zero money! This project only took me two hours and seriously, learning how to reupholster a couch is very easy. Get yourself a small compressor and heavy duty staple gun (that works with a compressor), some fabric and get busy! Be sure to check out the rest of our pool house makeover and diy planked wall in this space. If you take a peak at the before pictures of this pool house, it’s hard to believe it’s the same space. It’s come a long way!

Our Foyer design makeover {the beginning}

This weekend was all about yard work and starting the foyer design makeover. I started emptying out the foyer last week and finally removed the hardware this weekend. Our foyer has original stone that was added when the house was built sixty years ago. Last summer our foyer looked like this.

Foyer spring after-001.jpg

We removed the DIY couch, bench and cabinet that we used during the winter for boots.

foyer makeover the beginning-1

Now it is empty.

foyer makeover the beginning-2

I’ve already painted the white shingles a light gray color and am hoping to get the doors painted today. I am possibly going to attempt to somehow hang a shelf but the stone poses a problem. My grandfather suggested I drill a hole in the mortar which will send my dad over the edge if he sees me trying to do that.  I think we will attempt it when my dad is at work. :)

foyer makeover the beginning-4

I made another pair of burlap curtains but different from the ones I made for our family room. I was making them at 9pm last night hoping to finish both pair but I ran out of time. Hopefully I will share them with you tomorrow! We use our side foyer as our main entrance so it’s the first thing I see when I get home. I would love to rip up the carpet and lay some tile but maybe that will happen this fall. For now, I am planning to use a sisal area outdoor area rug over this rug. Our foyer design for this summer is fairly basic, just a quick spruce up using items we have around our home. Hopefully it will be finished soon!

DIY upholstery

Have you ever wondered how to reupholster a chair or sofa? DIY upholstery is easier than you think. I recently reupholstered our wingback chairs in our dining room as well as a sofa. The sofa was a bit more than reupholstering as I cut 2 feet out with a sawzaw and reassembled before I reupholstered it with existing drapery. The point is, it is not necessary to purchase new furniture if you don’t have to. DIY upholstery is very economical and fairly easy. Our upcoming playroom/study project will involve reupholstering an existing chair that is currently in our shed.

diy upholstery projects

This is one of dining room wingback chairs that I reupholstered last summer. This photo is courtesy of Woman’s Day Magazine, featured in their January 2013 issue.

diy reupholstery

This sofa however was my first attempt at DIY upholstery. After I sawzalled the couch in half (yes, I took 2 feet out of the middle), I reupholstered with some existing drapery that I had from Pier 1. You can read all about our DIY couch if the sawzall part interests you. ha!

DIY couch The chair I have in mind to reupholster happens to be buried behind 5 feet of snow right now in one of our sheds so I don’t have a picture to show you but it is simply the seat and back that needs to be reupholstered. The arms and legs are wood.

I have rounded up a group of gorgeous DIY upholstery projects to share with you which are serving as my inspiration for our playroom/study makeover.

I absolutely love love love what Jennifer did with an old rocking chair. You must see her tutorial, it’s fabulous!

diy upholstery

The Chronicles of Home

diy upholstery

Nouveau Stitch

Marion is one of my favorite bloggers and her DIY upholstery projects are amazing. What I love about this chair below is the wood and fabric combination. The chair I plan on reupholstering is similar, although not as detailed as this one.

diy upholstery

Miss Mustard Seed

diy upholstery ikat

Elyse Lombardi

DIY upholstery So Haute Style

diy upholstery

DIY with ADD

I love looking at DIY projects because it reminds me that with a little initiative and a “I can do it” attitude, anything can be done yourself.  Have you ever tackled a diy upholstery project? Email me the finished project if you have, I would love to to see it!

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DIY couch feature {11 Magnolia Lane}

Hi everyone! I’m headed out today to Haven but I wanted to let you know that the girls over at 11 Magnolia Lane are featuring the couch I sawzalled in half as part of their “Fearless” DIY series. That crazy couch still makes me laugh :) Hop over and check them out! Have a great week and I’ll post some pictures on my facebook and twitter account while at Haven. It’s kind of strange thinking back to this time last year, I didn’t even know what a blog was.  Now I’m headed to a blog conference on a jet plane. Whaaaaa?! :)

DIY how to make a large couch small {diy couch}

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