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DIY built-in barn doors {tutorial}

How about a “mini” barn door built-in tutorial for an existing bookcase? I had a few emails from people commenting on the island built in bookcase in our recent Family Room makeover  so I thought I would share with you how I made easy DIY doors. The area under the island is what I enclosed. 

diy built in barn door tutorial

Here is the final product that was featured in the This Old House Magazine.

DIY barn doors for built in cabinet

bookcase before

Adding smaller doors using existing cabinetry was the easiest and least expensive solution I could come up with. I used two random kitchen cabinet doors we had left over from a previous project. Home Depot and Lowes also, on occasion, will have random doors in their scrap area. You could also use pine or even plywood. I actually used the “back” side of the door to cover with my bead board because it was much smoother . The recessed part of a front door  can be difficult to get a flat finish.

kitchen cabinet-1
Flip your cabinet door over and cut a piece of bead board to fit directly on top of the cabinet (or whatever you are using as a base). I used wood glue and reinforced with 1” finish nails. NOTE: nail from the backside if possible so you don’t have nail holes showing in the front and make sure you use a nail size that won’t puncture through the opposite side.
kitchen cabinet door-1
I used 3/8 x 3 x 36” MDF craft board as my trim. You can buy this in the craft wood area of Lowes. These doors are on the smaller side so MDF craft wood will work but if your doors are larger, you may want to use a trim that is more substantial like pine. Similar to what I used in our previous larger DIY barn {closet} door project.
I measured my length pieces first and adhered to the bead board with wood glue and reinforced with larger finish nails (1 1/4- 1 1/2”). Once your length pieces are nailed, measure the width part and voila , you have a cute little barn door!
kitchen cabinet door 2
I used white paintable caulking to fill in all the gaps and spackle to fill any nail holes. If you have a large gap that isn’t able to be filled with caulking you can buy the paintable wood veneer strips to fill the edges. I got lucky and the caulking did the trick .
mini barn doors tutorial 2
The hinges and door pulls are oil rubbed bronze by gatehouse from Lowes. I added some shelves in the middle where baskets house my sewing stuff as well as shelves behind the doors where my sewing machine and larger craft items are stored. I did add some pine to the existing island to “beef” it up a bit and coordinate with the planks I added to the wall in the rest of the room. Be sure to check out our other DIY barn {closet} door tutorials and creative DIY sliding door solutions.

10 diy built in ideas BHG inspiration

Built-in Ideas


This project was featured in the This Old House Magazine’s October 2012 issue.

This old house magazine feature


Barn {closet} doors were entered today at This Old House Cheapskate Hall Of Fame

I submitted our Barn doors about a month ago to the This Old House Cheapskate Hall of Fame contest and they were chosen and featured today as an entry .  If you have a chance, please go check out the entry here and if you are so inclined as to vote “100% money saving useful tip” (you have to slide the bar to 100 and submit) that would be very much appreciated . The winner may be featured in the This Old House magazine.

Thank you!

SNOW & feature today over at Remodelaholic!

featured (1)
Snow has arrived. Finally! Ok, I’m all set for the rest of the winter now Smile I got my fix with 2 hours of shoveling.
Our barn {closet} doors are being featured over at Remodelaholic today to!
If you haven’t already visiting Cassity’s site, you need to now! She has such a fabulous blog with so many DIY projects your head will spin! I am so appreciative that she is featuring us today!
Head over here to see! Smile

Barn {closet} Doors featured today over at “Daily Do-it Yourself”

Guess what!!! There is a new blog in town, Daily Do-it Yourself, and she is featuring the Barn {closet} doors we made a couple months ago today on her blog!  Daily Do It Yourself, is an inspirational resource and showcase of do-it-yourself tutorials, projects, and recipes! Head over & check out the site & our Barn {closet} Doors! Do you have a project you would like featured? Submit it, she might feature you! Smile 

Tip Junkie “barn {closet} doors” featured!

Decorate Tutorials  

One month ago today, we were celebrating my son’s 5th birthday & I had just started my blog. I can’t believe it’s only been a little over a month since this little journey into a world that I didn’t even know existed (blogland) began. It feels so much longer! Which brings me to today. If someone had told me I would be thrilled, spastic & acting like a freakazoid a month ago about some site called Tip Junkie, I would have told you to “get a life!”. I told my dad & gramp, the barn doors that we made were featured on Tip Junkie and their response, “what the {expletive} is Tip Junkie? Do I need to say more?! Thanks for featuring us Miss Tip Junkie Decorator! {My gram is smiling down on us Smile}

front view barn doors

You can see how we made the doors by visiting these two links STAGE 1STAGE 2

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DIY barn {closet} doors

Today I am sharing our DIY barn {closet} doors and how we built them. I have been putting this post off for about a  week. It brings a mixed bag of emotions. We lost my “gram” this past summer to “old age”. Even though she lived 92 wonderful years, it’s still not easy to say good-bye. We were very fortunate  though, that she lived the end of her life with us, here in “our” little compound.  Before she passed away, we were working on our DIY barn {closet} doors to enclose our existing built-in bookcase.  My goal for this room was to display the china and hang our coats.  This room is off the foyer/garage & in between our kitchen & family room
diy barn door
{Update: see how we made them here – stage 1 & here – stage 2}
This is the built in bookcase before. This picture was taken with my old camera so it’s not the best quality.

I love these barn doors and am very pleased with all they came out.
DIY barn closet doors
We ended up mounting the barn doors on hinges to save money. I really wanted the sliding door hardware (like in the inspiration picture) but I got the look for $22. The top black pieces are aluminum pieces that I bought at home depot & spray painted black.
DIY bookcase, DIY barn doors
I think the black spray painted aluminim gives the look of a sliding door, don’t you?
This is one of my favorite things, the barn doors open.
diy barn closet doors
The coats have a new home!
diy barn door hardware
DIY barn closet doors front view
My dad thought I was banana’s when I suggested we put barn doors here. When I showed him the picture, he said, “why do you want to do that?” It was definitely a project hanging them as we dropped one and it did cart wheels across the floor.  Thank goodness my son or dog were not in the way. After my dad’s meltdown we finally got them hung. Oh and guess what, now my dad & gramps are taking credit for the barn doors & design!
diy barn closet doors for grams blue willow
That is my gram in the picture above. Building DIY barn doors is really a fairly straight forward project. Don’t forget to check out stage 1 & stage 2 to see how we made them. I’m sure my gram would be thrilled to see her mom’s blue willow china displayed with our DIY barn doors. I miss you gram, thank you for all of your inspiration :).
BE sure to check out our other DIY barn door tutorials, Creative DIY sliding doors as well as updates to this room.

Barn style doors (stage 2)


The barn style doors are coming along! They have been sanded, primed & painted white (BM decorators white) I haven’t decided if they will stay white or maybe a light gray color? The room is a bit dark so I’m thinking a light color. Anyway, my new dilemma is what to hang them with! I originally wanted the “flat style” roller barn door hardware like this:

When they gave me the quote of almost $900!!! I almost fell over! Have they lost their mind!? So looks like I need to go to plan B….unless of course, one of you fabulous ladies has an idea for me to make these! I am off to Lowes to see if perhaps I can get a traditional barn hanging roller kit (they are kinda ugly but maybe I can spray them?) and add a few decorative elements to make it look like the $900 version! Seriously, people spend that much money to hang their doors! ?? 

I plan on hanging them on the bookcase (the middle portion) to hide coats ….I don’t have a convenient coat closet & the kitchen chair is getting tired of being buried with coats! I love the Pottery Barn locker style cabinets but to the tune of $1500….this, I think was a better option Smile

UPDATE: You can see the final barn door version here.

Barn style doors (stage 1)

We have this gigantic built-in bookcase that just needs some pizzaz….you know what I mean? Some molding, trim & maybe some nice barn style doors. Yes that would be great! I searched the Internet for inspirations & found tons of pictures and then narrowed it down to 3. I asked my dad if he wanted to help me (he’s a master at this stuff) and he said , “nope ~ I got a lot of work to do” (he is shingling the house). So, I said no problem…..I can do this! Keep in mind I have never run a chop saw & am really BAD in math so getting the exact measurements may be a problem! No biggie though, because I am going to make these doors….I figure a skill saw will work (I’ve used maybe 2x) So, I go to home depot and get my supplies. At this point, I really have no clue what I am doing…I get all my dad’s equipment out & spread out my pictures ~ as I “fire” up the skill saw, you guessed it….my dad arrived. He was not impressed with me & did everything he could to discourage me from making these doors. He was pretty crabby….. but we did it….he gets scared when I start using his tools! So check out the process below …..

This is the bookcase (don’t mind the stuff….it’s kinda a dumping ground at the moment)

You will need a “T” square to draw straight lines to cut

Measure the length and width of the doors you are making

We used bead board 4×8 planks as the backing and placed 1×4’s as the frame. We glued with Elmers Wood glue and used 5/8″ nails (flip over and nail from the back) You will need to let the glue set before you nail.

This is my gramps….he lives with us to. 4 Generations all under one roof….thank goodness we all have our own living spaces! He supervised.

This part was a little difficult….we used 1×2’s to make the “x” design on the door. You will need a beveled square to get the exact degree to cut …this is where my dad came in VERY handy!

Yup, there we are ~ 2 pea’s in a pod! He hates when I get these projects and he gets sucked in :)
At this point, the other side is glued and we have flipped over the plank and reinforced with nails….alot of nails!

And there it is….my completed door , well stage one. You will need to put something heavy in the middle of the “x” design to clamp it for a bit. The gas cans were the closest and heaviest!

This is what you will need: Glue, nails, wood for trim (we used pine 1×4’s) , 4×8 beadboard plank,sandpaper (for rough edges) and any filler/chalking once completed

This little guy ROCKS!!!!

That is the end of stage 1.

See Stage 2 here
Check out the final project here!

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