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10 cupcake decorating ideas {valentines day}

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How about some cupcake decorating ideas for valentines day? My grandmother loves to bake but as she gets older, she has trouble standing for long periods of time. My son has told her that he will do all the mixing and she can watch him decorate the cupcakes for his valentines day party. I told him his party wasn’t for two more weeks but he said we needed to practice! I gathered a few pictures to help inspire and get us in the mood for valentines day and these are some of the cuties that I came up with.

valentines day cupcake decorating ideas

valentines day monster cupcakes

Sprinkles and Grins

I love how she created these adorable hearts inside her cupcakes. The pink strawberry milk is also fabulous!

pink heart cupcakes inside a chocolate cupcake

Glorious Treats

These are perfect as I have so many candy canes left over from Christmas. If anyone knows the source, please let me know.

candy cane heart cupcakes

Source unknown

These little warm and fuzzy guys are adorable! She has the tutorial and recipe on her site which seems fairly easy.

valentine cupcakes for kidsΒ Hungry Happenings

lady bug valentine cupcakes

Victorious Cupcakes

Β These googly eye little guys are so cute.

red and pink googly eye cupcakes

Cupcakes take the cake

XOXO cupcakes, loving these.

xoxo cupcakes

Cupcakes take the cake

I love the idea of using a cute jellied candy for a topping.

whip cream valentine cupcakeSource unknown

I don’t know about you but these owl valentines cupcakes are my favorites.

owl valentines cupcake with oreo cookie

Caramel Potatoes

chocolate owl cupcakes

Caramel Potatoes

Cupcakes are one of my favorite things to make. How about you, do you have any cute valentine cupcake decorating ideas?

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Responses to 10 cupcake decorating ideas {valentines day}

  1. Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication January 28, 2013 at 10:26 pm #

    Those are super adorable! Love them!

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